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April 18, 2012


Good Wednesday to You!

I hope you had a great day yesterday. My day was busy but productive overall.

I started my day, as I do every day, with a cold shower! We’ll talk more about that tomorrow.

Once I got to my office and checked my email (which can be a black hole event!) and planned out my blog, I headed out for a great tai-chi session with the rising sun.

My tai-chi sessions have been particularly amazing lately.

Many who begin with chi cultivation practices complain that they don’t feel anything, or that they noticed changes in the beginning, but haven’t had any progress for some time. This is quite normal.

Most people’s energy systems (organs, glands, muscles, joints and aura or energy body) are so clogged up that they don’t have the sensitivity to feel subtle energies.

Therefore, they become calloused and can’t feel what is occurring during their initial stages of chi cultivation practices.

A couple simple tests you can do to see if your energy systems are congested (imbalanced) are:

1. Turn on your cell phone and set it on the table in front of you. Then, with your left hand (feminine, receptive hand) open but relaxed with the palm side facing the phone, begin from about two feet away from the phone and move slowly toward it.

If your energy systems are functional, you should begin to feel a buzzing energy that progressively increases until you are touching the phone.

You will know your energy systems are functioning optimally when you can’t stand having a cell phone anywhere on, or even close to your body because it causes a constant disruption of your energy flow.

The same is true of watches with a battery in them.

After my first couple gongs (100 days of continuous practice is a gong in Chinese medicine or soft martial arts practice), I began having symptoms indicative of heart failure.

I knew my heart was healthy and strong, so I knew something else was going on. Then one day I notice that when I took my watch off, the symptoms disappeared.

After that, I chose to stop wearing a watch so I didn’t keep putting chaotic energy into my body-mind and I found it much easier to stay calm inside throughout the day.

2. Take four drops of Bach Flower Rescue Remedy under your tongue. The instant the drops hit your tongue, you should feel a wave of energy move through your whole body.

If you don’t feel that, your energy systems are clogged up and you would be well served to fill out the questionnaires in my book, How To Eat, Move and Be Healthy!

The score graph in the book will show you which body systems need balancing and direct you to the chapter in the book that guides you back to health in that regard.

When we engage ourselves in a regular chi cultivation practice, we are typically like a cell phone with a low battery; once the energy drops to a critically low level, key functions begin to fail.

For example, your phone may turn on and let you look at your email, but you may find that you keep getting dropped from calls.

Therefore, if you were to put your phone on the charger for even ten minutes, you would immediately notice that you could not talk on the phone, but only for a few minutes before the low-energy state leads to malfunction again.

As we continue our chi cultivation practice, we progressively reach the point where we can obtain a full charge.

Then, as you continue further, progress is often slower because, in essence, you have to build a bigger battery so-to-speak.

As your practice progresses, you actually develop a larger, more robust energy field/body.

This takes time and as your energy body becomes more concentrated, your mind becomes progressively more stable and clear, which leads to an opening of your intuitive faculties.

I’ve been doing a daily practice of one form of chi cultivation or another for about 12 years consistently now.

With a long-term practice of this nature, you all the sudden break through to a new level of development and get the joy of fun, new experiences.

One of the experiences I began having about a year ago is that my arms began to feel weightless, as though they were going to float away.

That experience progressed into a total body levity where I felt as though I was barely touching the ground after a particularly good practice session.

Lately, I’ve been finishing my sessions with an incredible, peaceful, blissful high.

Unlike a drug induced state of euphoria, the tai-chi or Qi-gong bliss feels deep and centered within every atom of your being and has very positive benefits on your capacity to heal, think, manage emotions, and opens the creativity centers beautifully!

It is common for me to have periods in my practice where I no longer identify myself as “Paul Chek”, but feel at One with the whole world or universe.

This gives me a deep sense of safety and security.

I feel as though I’m aware that the universe is intelligent, loving, and is a safe place to die into. I get much joy sharing such methods with my students, and even more joy when they actually practice!

The key element to any chi cultivation practice is consistency. Even if you only have ten minutes a day, the very act of committing yourself to your practice is an act of commitment to self-growth and self-healing.

Your commitment expresses your intention. Your intention guides your spirit, which expresses itself through your mind, which controls your body.

The key to being consistent is:

1. Have a dream worth healing and growing for.

2. Choose a practice method you enjoy enough to do daily.

If you want to explore a variety of methods that work for people with busy minds, I suggest listening to the Dr. Quiet expansion audio’s I created to expand on my multimedia ebook, The Last 4 Doctors You’ll Ever Need – How To Get Healthy Now!

In that audio program, I guide you through seven different methods that are easy to use and very effective.

In the mean time, you can get great gains by simply finding a place you can walk with your feet touching the ground. Walk slowly and allow yourself to forget about the issues of the world.

Be present with what you feel under your feet and the breath entering and leaving your body.

Give yourself permission to let go of the world and enjoy being with yourself.

A little self-love and respect goes a long way toward living your dreams each day!

Love and chi,
Paul Chek