July, 2009

  • HLC 3

    HLC 3

    I’m in the middle of teaching my newly revised HLC 3 so I’ve been busy from rise to fall each day. My students are really a great group, eager to learn my new mapping system for assessment and treatment protocols. […]

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  • Crop Circles Anyone?

    Crop Circles Anyone?

    Vidya and I really like to learn and sometimes we pick a topic that seems facinating. I recently ordered Approaching The Sacred: Premonitions of Contact – The Michael Glickman DVD Collection. The crop circle phenomena is truly something to pay […]

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  • Robbie’s Latest Achievement

    Robbie’s Latest Achievement

    I just got word that Robbie made the London Bridge jump last Monday, July 13th. Check it out on this video clip! httpvh://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EKlbrx79TDE

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    Sometimes I get interesting emails and this one really caught my attention! This article may be among the first of its kind, yet, if one searches the literature, there are many more like it out there. Rachael Carlson’s book “Silent […]

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  • Sweet Fire

    Sweet Fire

    Vidya and I have been watching DVDs during meal time and we just watched Sweet Fire: Understanding Sugar’s Role in Your Health. Mary Toscano does a good job of explaining holistically what sugar and carbohydrates are and how they affect […]

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  • TAO-TE-zen


    I recently launched my new “TAO-TE-zen” program. This program is based on a mix of eastern and western metaphysical principles, yet is taught in a format that is much more reflective of the zen way of living. I personally love […]

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