July, 2009

  • Door to Door Vaccination Program

    Door to Door Vaccination Program

    Hi Everyone, This just came across my email this morning and I am just shocked! I am putting the email in its entirety here for you to read and alert your family and friends. You can learn more by following […]

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  • Recent Art

    Recent Art

    Here is a little post card I created for my buddy Zeljko, who is a shaman from England. Sadly, I sent it to him with a lovely card Vidya made for him and some beautiful Native American tobacco and customs […]

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  • Taking time out with Friends

    Taking time out with Friends

    I’ve taken some time out to visit with some of my friends lately. I’m a very busy person and because I spend most of my life teaching, coaching, being interviewed and dealing with people’s issues, I’m somewhat a hermit during […]

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  • Healing Oracle for Robbie

    Healing Oracle for Robbie

    Here you see me sharing the oracle I recently designed for the famous motorbike stunt rider Robbie Maddison (that’s him flipping his motorbike!). Robbie recently won the X Games, which is not an easy thing to do. I love Robbie. […]

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  • Rocking MY BODY

    Rocking MY BODY

    I recently purchased a full size dump truck of rocks so I could build zen rock sculptures in my yard. I’ve been lifting weights since I was 12 without a break and sometimes I crave something less structured and more […]

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  • Recent Healing Oracles

    Recent Healing Oracles

    Some of you may know that I offer a healing oracle service. An oracle is a piece of art designed to balance the energy field of the person with challenges. I create them by reading the person’s energy field, which […]

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