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  • A Cause Worthy of Support!

    A Cause Worthy of Support!

    Hi All, Paul Chek here. I suspect you are as proud and amazed with the Killi Team as I am! What an amazing statement of possibility and personal integrity Erica and Tara have made being the first handicapped females to […]

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  • Killi Climbers on the Move~!

    Killi Climbers on the Move~!

    My beautiful wife Penny will be leaving tomorrow for Africa to climb Kilimanjaro. I don’t think I have every spent more than 48 hours not talking to her – I’m gonna miss her a lot! All the climbers have trained […]

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  • Killi Climb Charity Event

    Killi Climb Charity Event

    There seems to be non-stop action in my life – especially traveling. Penny and I just got back from Chicago last night where I gave a 1-day pre-conference seminar on Scientific Stretching to a fantastic group – about 60 people. […]

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