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February 3, 2021

My Water Charger

Happy Thursday!

My Water ChargerIt took 500 rocks, many bags of cement and three months of work away from the gym when I wasn’t seeing clients, but we’ve built our own water charger and toning and chanting chamber!

You’ll notice many of these HUGE!!! stones from local sources while others made from lava and come from Hawaii, along with crystals from Mexico and A LOT! of paver stones.

When the sun and moon shine on the charger along with the electrical and environmental energies, those energies excite the lava stones drawing energy in like a sponge while the crystals pump energy, not unlike a yin/yang, push-pull effect.

These actions create a circular vortex inside the charger so the water spins, and you can feel that motion inside you when drinking it. (When I filmed this video, the water charger was pulsing like a heartbeat.)

In other words, drinking the charged water is like giving your body a software update so it is in harmony with the environment. The effect on your body is profound.

I hope you’ll get to see our water charger at one of our upcoming Zen in the Garden gatherings at our Rainbow House really soon!

Love and chi,