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September 13, 2013

Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level 3 Today

Happy Friday!

I hope you have been enjoying my mini series How To Survive In A Modern World. The tips I share are meant to help you to realize that you can care for yourself; they are immediately applicable and practical, designed to create internal harmony while establishing healthy protocols for vibrant, healthy living. I’ll continue that series next week.

As a Holistic Health Practitioner that consults people with health challenges from all over the world, I can assure you that the issues I address and teach about are real, and that failure to effetely manage one’s self in a modern world does cause fatigue, illness and disease frequently!

I had a wonderful day off yesterday and started my day driving to the post office to pick up a gift from Donal Carr!! Wow!! Was I ever surprised! Check out what Donal sent me! (you will need to click on the image so that it enlarges). Thanks Bud – I Love it!!


Besides being an incredible artist, Donal is an amazing and conscientious CHEK Practitioner, CHEK Faculty Instructor and operates in Australia at his place of business: Place of Chi

I didn’t do much yesterday and I rested deeply under the big ficus tree in my back yard in preparation for the next six days of teaching. I did find some time to create my day through the art piece below. I hope you like it!


Today I begin teaching my course, Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level 3 here, just a short drive from my home in Vista, CA. This is an important class for me because the students now have plenty of experience healing themselves (the function of HLC 1), have practiced coaching clients to health using the HLC 2 model I teach, and are now ready to get into the finer details of holistic coaching body, mind and spirit.

In HLC 3 (as well as C.H.E.K Level 4) I task the students with designing a program for themselves based on their new knowledge and understanding. I do this so that they can develop the inner-calm and mental openness needed to fine-tune their subtle senses and intuition, which is essential when dealing with complex cases.

I will share some highlights of the course as time permits.

Have a great weekend and enjoy the process of living with integrity!

Love and chi,

Paul Chek