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December 22, 2022

Your Year in Review

Your Year in ReviewHappy Friday Before Christmas!

A year is a significant amount of time in our lives. Three hundred and sixty-five days ago you really were someone else…

As you’re reading this, we’re nearly at the end of that 2022 lap around the sun in which most of you, like me, are looking deep inside our souls in reflection of the time that has passed and asking ourselves some simple but probing questions going into the New Year.

Where am I right now?

What did I do well/not well?

How and what can I do better?

Looking back at and reviewing the events of the past 11+ months is a really important way for you to become more conscious about patterns, some of which you really don’t want to repeat in 2023.

Remember, if you don’t meet your consciousness on the inside, it will always meet you on the outside in the circumstances of your life, according to Carl Jung. What’s more, you’ll call that lack of consciousness fate which means you’ll be blaming someone else, and much more likely to do it all over again… and again… and again.

How you break this never-ending feedback loop of failure and move forward to realize your dreams in 2023 is the subject of my latest blog/vlog.

I’ll share a simple model based on seven key psycho-physical themes that’s structured to help you evaluate the year that was, get clear about what’s really important to you and create the freedom to help you move forward to achieve your dreams in 2023.



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