March 1, 2013

Your Middle is Your TRUTH of What Surrounds You

Happy Friday!

I had a very busy day with clients and an interview with Danimal Rawbrah and lovely Diana yesterday.



I enjoyed interacting with Daniel and Diana, fielding some excellent questions posed by them. They will have the footage up soon, so keep an eye out for that!

Mike Salemi (HLC2) and Jonny Suarez (CP3) from San Francisco came to see me during the first part of my day so that I can help Mike take his Kettlebell competition swing to the next level.

This morning I’m off to a deep massage and steam. After a week of heavy rock work, my body can use the added care. Then home for time in my garden, rest and relaxation. Its a great day!

I hope you find inspiration from my Tao-Te-zen sutra:

Your Middle is Your TRUTH of What Surrounds You


Now is your middle
Your body, the past
Future is the story that you broadcast.

Knowledge is a product of yesterday
A time whose beginning found an end.

You look outside and see through the old
Though truth sits in the middle of your hot and your cold.

TAO-TE-zen practice is finding the center
For which movement cannot enter
That is zen

When we look at nature we are looking at all that gives us an opportunity to experience reality as human beings. We cannot function without water, air, food, or relationships.

Our relationships are primary to our very sense of being. The very product of mind which produces self and other or by which consciousness becomes “conscious of” is the process by which we get to experience life.

“Your body is the past. Future is the story that you broadcast” is a reminder that you are wearing all the life forms that now appear to be outside of you. Your ideas either integrate you or separate you from the truth of life.

To the degree that one does not understand and worship body, they do not understand the beauty of the story written into their genes and their very being, and that misunderstanding will be their broadcast.

So the same blindness to the beauty of the past, the gift becomes blindness projected into the future, which keeps one caught in their story. A story of incomplete perception produces that of incomplete experience.

Until we become present in the now, what is it that we need to create wellbeing now?

If those environments do not match up, then we run the risk of using the wrong tool for the job metaphorically.

Thus we see for example in medicine that they keep using old ideas, outdated ideas, and suppressing technologies that would be much better for our integration into the flow of life in the now.

The now is never moving. It is the mind that is moving. That which is truly good, beautiful, or true is eternally good, beautiful, or true.

The practice of finding center for which movement cannot enter is the practice of entering no mind, a state beyond ideas and when one enters that state even for a moment, all ideas of right and wrong, good/bad, fast/slow, hot and cold cease to exist because there is no relative comparison to make measure.

This is the function of meditation. When the mind is still there is no burden. There is no comparative model by which we determine whether or not we are or are not this or that.

This is the place of peace, the place of unadulterated consciousness and/or bliss.

The more time we spend here, the more aware we become of the temporary nature, the very flimsy nature of ideas that are generated in the ego-mind, in the past, and projected into the future.

That is zen.

Its all about balance, minding the mind and the body, investigating our ideas about what is true and not true.

Have a fantastic weekend!

Love and chi,

Paul Chek