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May 10, 2010

Your Body NEVER Lies!

Hi Everyone!
I know that you have heard me say that a lot when I talk about health and wellbeing . . . Well, it is true – Your Body NEVER Lies!! It reflects your past right here and now into the present, so if you haven’t worked out (or in), or you are eating the wrong foods for your Primal Pattern® Type, or you plain can’t stop eating those Carbs – you can’t hide it for long!

That’s why I’m doing my Your Body NEVER Lies Webinar on Thursday, May 27, 12pm, where I’ll address Carbohydrate Addiction and compulsive eating for 90 minutes. Many of my beginning student’s and my client’s have a hard time around these issues – The result is that they are tired, grouchy and embarrassed that they have a problem. Shame and low-self esteem isn’t any way to live your Legacy!

You will be blown away with the information that I’ll share with you and I’m opening the lines for Q&A so that I can personally help you put solutions into place that work!! You’ll need to purchase my 1~2~3~4 of Overcoming Addiction, Obesity and Disease virtual Workbook and Audio program to attend, so please do the exercises BEFORE you get on the phone with me! I’ll be focusing on what happens to your body-mind when you overeat carbs, the cycle of addiction and what to do about it to get off the roller-coaster of negative self-image and compulsive eating.

Learn to feel better and LOOK better – You can do it and I’ll show you how!

Love and Chi,