November 21, 2013

You are Invited to GOOGLE Hangout with Bill Wolcott TODAY

Hi Everyone,

Bill Wolcott, Founder and CEO  Healtexcel Metabolic Typing®  and I will be hanging out together on GOOGLE this afternoon at 2pm PT. 

If you are not familiar with Bill’s work he is the author of  The Metabolic Typing Diet (Doubleday, 2000) and a very good friend and colleague of mine for many years.



This is a public event and you are invited to join the broadcast here:   (FYI, you may want to refresh your page just after we start.)

Bill is going to set up a comment box on the live broadcast URL so you  can comment on your Facebook page.

Although we encounter infectious organisms throughout the day in the air we breathe, in our soil and water, in foods, and on surfaces everywhere, why is it that some people suffer fungal and parasite infections and other’s live free of infections?

I’m very excited to share my knowledge from my DVD program Healing Fungal and Parasite Infections with Bill!


Fungi and parasites are classified as parasites because they are opportunistic organisms that feed off and sustain themselves via the nutrition provided by their host organisms. In today’s modern world, they’ve become major, primary Stressors and Blocking Factors to good health and well-being.

In today’s broadcast, I’ll  cover:

  • The essentials of personal and home detoxification for prevention and treatment of fungal/parasite infections.
  • How to apply my CHEK  6 Foundation Principles for effective long-term parasite/fungus prevention and treatment.
  • How parasites identify their potential hosts and what you can do to remain invisible to them.
  • The many benefits fungi and parasites offer humans in a symbiotic relationship.
  • How to use commonly available herbs, oils, supplements and other natural remedies to prevent and treat fungal and parasite infections.
  • How to track fungal and parasite symptoms to effectively fine-tune your treatment approach.
  • Which experts can help you if you need specific testing, supplementation and coaching when a fungal or parasite infection persists.
  • And much, much more!

So join us, I’ll be reviewing your comments and I can guarantee that you’ll learn a lot today!

Love and Chi,

Paul Chek