February 24, 2012


Happy Friday To You!

I hope you have had a productive week and that you are excited to enjoy a weekend of rest, creativity and celebration for life.

My buddy Rory Mullin is here visiting me and we are both ready for some creativity and quiet time ourselves so we will probably be expressing our creativity in my zen rock garden today.

Tomorrow, we’ll go to Encinitas for a massage and a steam; we enjoy toning in the steam bath because the acoustics are good inside the stone walls there.

We always try to leave good chi behind so that whoever comes into the steam rooms we’ve been in next gets some instant Unconditional Love.

Next week I’ll head to Toronto and I’ll stay with Rory at his lovely abode there while I lecture for Can Fit Pro.

For those of you interested in attending my one-day event with Can Fit Pro on Saturday, March 3rd, 2012.

I’ll be giving two lectures, which are:

  • CHEK Points In Shoulder Training
  • Surrounding The Dragon Of Back Pain

In these lectures I share a comprehensive look at the shoulder and back as systems within the context of the body as a cybernetic system—a system of systems.

My shoulder training lecture will cover most of the exercises commonly used in the gym for arm and shoulder conditioning and I’ll highlight common misunderstandings of technique and share ways to make exercise more safe and functional.

My Surrounding The Dragon Of Back Pain lecture will educate the audience as to which systems in the body actually control the back and how the back reacts to higher-order influences based on how the human nervous system is organized.

My approach looks at which body systems have the greatest influence over other systems of the body as determined by survival needs.

The health and exercise professionals attending my presentations will come away with many immediately applicable methods for improving outcomes with clients as well as a comprehensive understanding as to how to identify common roadblocks to success with their clients/patients.

These lectures are not composed of commonly known or understood views of how the body functions.

They are based on my extensive experience working with elite physicians, therapists, and other professionals, as well as my own extensive experience in the holistic health and rehabilitation fields.

These presentations give the audience an inside look at what I teach CHEK Practitioners in my Advanced Training Programs at Level 3 and 4 of my 4 level CHEK Practitioner program.

If any of you are interested in registering, you are welcome to go to: https://canfitpro.com/en/toronto-oneday
I hope to see you there!

After Toronto, I’m off to New York to the ECA World Fitness Alliance conference to give a one-day pre-conference workshop on Core Conditioning.

After my one-day core conditioning workshop, I will offer a series of several lectures over the course of the conference.

If you are interested in coming to my lectures or enjoying the conference, you are welcome to visit: https://www.ecaworldfitness.com/new-york where you can download the PDF of their entire conference offering.

I’ve been lecturing there for something like 14 years now because I really love this conference and its founders, Gary and Carol Scott.

They enjoy my “straight up” lecture style and have always embraced my philosophy and I’m grateful that they let me share my teachings with their audience.

The conference takes place in the Marriott Time Square.

I hope to see you there!


Of all the thousands of questions I get sent to me from all walks of life, among the most common are questions about what I eat, and why I eat the way I do.

Therefore, I thought I’d share some of my viewpoints on that topic today.

What Is Food?

To me, food is not just fuel, and it is not just building blocks ~ Food is sacred to me.

When we eat real food, we are eating “life”.

Though many are completely unconscious as to the sentient nature of both plants and animals, I’m not one of those people.

I was raised on a farm and my mother practiced yoga and holistic health since I was a child. I

have an intimate connection to the earth and the plants and animals that express Her life-force.

I choose to eat organically raised food because organic farming and Biodynamic farming are farming systems that are harmonious with nature.

When food is raised with respect for Mother Earth (Nature), the spirits that live within each plant and animal are given a chance to have a healthy life of their own and are not poisoned with dangerous farming chemicals and drugs that ultimately end up in your body.

Human beings have become very complacent with regard to respecting the plants and animals that support us with their lives.

Current research indicates that approximately 50% of elementary school children have never seen a farm animal with their own eyes!

Most people in society have no idea as to the lives of animals or how they are raised and treated before ending up on their plate.

Therefore, they are equally detached to the tremendous environmental, social, and individual damage done by buying and eating commercially farmed animals and produce.

They don’t realize that every dollar they spend on such (non)foods contributes to the destruction of both the planet, and civilization.

Food Makes Your Body!

Our bodies replace every cell on an annual cycle.

As I share in my audio/workbook program titled You Are What You Eat!, you are replacing about 2 million red blood cells a second, but few stop to ponder what they are making them out of!

Our bodies are our vehicle of self-expression in life and as a therapist, I can assure you that eating poor quality foods and drinking most of what can be bought in typical food stores is a sure-fire way to end up living a life of discomfort.

There are now something along the lines of 68,000 chemicals added to our foods and many of them are very dangerous to your body-mind.

I go into these issues in great detail in my You Are What You Eat! audio/workbook program.

Having worked with countless elite athletes in my career, I’ve seen a direct relationship between how athletes eat and how they perform and recover from both training and injury.

The correlation is DIRECT!

All the way back in the 1940’s Lady Eve Balfour documented the connection between food consumption and injury rates with rugby players in her book, The Living Soil.



There are now scores of good books, videos and audios explaining this commonly overlooked but essential connection.

To give you an example of how poor the awareness of food as essential to performance is in the world of professional sports, I was working with a professional football player from a famous US team a few years ago and his diet log was loaded with packaged crap.

I noticed that Doritos corn chips and Coke were logged on his diet log almost every day.

When I asked him why on earth he was eating so much garbage, he replied, “Paul, I know it’s crazy but Doritos and Coke sponsor our team and we are not allowed to eat anything else in our training facility!”

This shows clearly how ignorant even the owners, managers, doctors, therapists and coaches are at the most elite level of professional sports when it comes to understanding what an athlete is and how to both care for one, and create an environment for optimal performance.

Sadly, such athletes can eat medical drugs and all sorts of other stuff, but they often don’t eat real food!

Food Directly Influence Your Emotions and Your Mind!

I eat very well and always listen to the voice of instinct within when it comes to choosing foods and drinks because food and drink can and does have a massive influence on your emotions.

Your emotions are the result of hormonal interactions within the cells of our body and nervous system.

When you eat processed sugar, sodium chloride (commercial salt), poisoned meats, and all the chemicals and genetically modified foods so commonly consumed, your hormonal system is very easily thrown out of balance.

Your hormones and their balance directly influence your emotional state. When your emotional state is imbalanced, your mental state reflects that imbalance.

When you can’t maintain homeostasis (balance) in your hormonal system, your body goes into a flight/fight response, which causes a wide variety of negative effects on your mental functioning.

I can’t afford that. The world is too complex as it is let along trying to navigate life with a distorted sense of self!

For those of you that are interested, I produced a video with David Scharps, Producer of The Cure Is You that comes with his package offer, in which I share my 10 Essential Tips For Nutrition as well as my multimedia eBook, The Last 4 Doctors You’ll Ever Need – How To Get Healthy Now!

You can order his amazing documentary film about our powers to heal ourselves from most anything that ails us and get my offerings to you here: www.Cureisu.com


I eat the way I do because I want to enjoy my life and make a contribution to others while I’m here.

If we eat ignorantly or foolishly, we damage ourselves. When we damage ourselves, we minimize our ability to truly live and give back to the planet and Her children.

I want to live fully so I can die with a smile on my face, knowing that I left the garden just a little better than when I came!

Love and chi,
Paul Chek