July 28, 2011


Good Day to ALL!

I hope you’ve been enjoying the blogs.

If you’ve had problems leaving comments or anything else with the functions of the blog, it is likely because we’ve had problems with hackers infiltrating the site. We’ve had to do a lot of work behind the scenes and are still working out the bugs. It should all be fine soon.

I had a very busy day of coaching and interviews yesterday. I managed to sneak in a nice circuit of pushing and core exercises and felt great after that.

I’ll be putting up a video over-viewing the upcoming CHEK Conference on youtube.com channel, which is www.youtube.com/paulcheklive sometime today or tomorrow so feel free to “CHEK it out!”

For those of you in Scandinavia, Master Dowser Joey Korn is giving a workshop with CHEK Level 4 Practitioner David Bonde in Denmark. Joey teaches some very interesting, practical dowsing methods. This workshop is on balancing the body. Feel free to have a look: www.balanceyourenergies.dk.


The CHEK Institute has also just released the new 2nd Ed. of Scientific Back Training. I revised and updated it quite significantly. The new program is 7 DVD’s of practical education and methodology on how the back works, and how it is integrated with the rest of the body.

I also explain the CHEK Totem pole as a means of understanding why so many people with back pain don’t get results when seeing doctors and therapists at large. The institute is offering a 50% discount for early-bird purchases. Feel free to have a look.


Rumi shares:


Let you throat-song
be clear and strong enough

to make an emperor fall full-length,
suppliant at the door.

Ref: A Year With Rumi – Daily Readings (p.51) by Colman Barks

What is Rumi sharing with us here?
He is saying, let the voice of your heart (soul)
be clear and strong enough
to make an emperor (your ego) fall full-length
suppliant at the door (the point at which your own soul is united with GOD).

Rumi is inviting us to move out of our ego-mind – the land of half-truths and into the Heart – the home of true feeling and Knowing.

When we listen to and act from our hearts, we inevitably find the ego’s motives to be less than true, yet truly a distraction. When the ego-mind governs us, we may “think” we are right, but when we allow our heart-soul to guide us, we don’t need to rely on ego-mind’s thoughts or ideas because we can feel the truth. This is the providence of the wise man.

To know the nature of, and follies of the ego-mind is to know ignorance. On this, Lao Tzu says:

To know ignorance

Knowing ignorance is best.
Thinking one knows is foolish.

Only by being a fool can one avoid becoming a fool.

The sage does not think he knows,
therefore he is not a fool.

Ref: Tao Te Ching, Verse 71

Lao Tzu is simply saying that being honest with yourself, “aware of when you are about to say things or act out of ignorance! pretending “to know” and stopping yourself, is the sign of a wise man. The sage “does not think he knows”, therefore, is not a fool.


The fool inherently knows s/he doesn’t know, yet, pretends to know. In so doing, s/he misleads not only themselves, but all others that lack the wisdom to recognize the smoke and mirror show!

When a wise man is in any situation where there is even a hint of insecurity, the wise man simply states, “I don’t know”. At that point, a wise man may say something like, “I don’t know for sure, but if I were in your situation I may choose to!” This way, the wise man isn’t pretending to know, which is the sign of a “fool.”

If someone asks you, “Is water wet?” The wise man will inherently access their own experience with water and may reply, “Yes, water is wet to me.” That is to be authoritative; we can only be an authority of our own experience.

To be AN AUTHORITY is to present your position as definitive for all as ABSOLUTE FACT. That is the sign of a fool; no thought can be absolute because all thoughts depend on the principle of exclusion – water is only wet relative to something less wet.

Therefore, water can’t possibly be ABSOLUTELY WET until you’ve definitively had the experience of comparing the wetness of water to every other form of wetness in the universe!

Lao Tzu’s “fool” is only a fool because the authentic fool, knows what s/he doesn’t know.

The idiot-fool deludes themselves into thinking that their ideas are definitive, ABSOLUTE. That is the sign of a closed mind; the sign of a person that cannot learn or grow.

This is to embody and empower one’s shadow. To embody the shadow creates time. To create time conditions one to believe they can only “live in time”. This is Buddha’s wheel of samsara!

Practical Exercise

Simply bear witness to when you find yourself taking a definitive stance on an issue, yet, your conscience is informing you that you are skating on thin ice.

When you feel that truth emerging, you are being given a chance to become the wise-fool and either state “your experience” or simply say, “I’m sorry I can’t be of more help, but, I don’t know.”

With practice, you will feel a growing sense of peace emerging in you because trying to know everything requires that you constantly think about everything and therefore, can never rest or develop a relationship with peace.

Enjoy the practice!

Love and chi,
Paul Chek