November 3, 2022

What Really Matters With Jason Pickard

When you were a child, did you enjoy playing drums, singing songs or learning magic tricks? Did your parents give you the freedom and encouragement to pursue these things, or engage in any kind of art?

I can’t count the many times I’ve been told by my clients how they were discouraged from doing the very necessary things it takes to build their imaginations. The lack of enrichment at that young age often manifests in a lot of health problems as adults.

What Really Matters With Jason Pickard

What Really Matters With Jason PickardTake for example, my friend Jason Pickard I’ve talked about on recent blog/vlogs. Jason’s parents pushed him into the “modern world” (whatever that really is) and their expectations for him to be just as successful as they were.

And, he was.

His parents immersed Jason into the Wall Street life at a young age, and connected him with Paul Tudor Jones, whom he eventually worked for, specializing in weather trading (how climate affects commodity markets).

By age 26, Jason was already a very successful bond trader (on a top 30 list of the leading traders under age 30 in world) and a millionaire. But all of this fame and fortune came with a price.

At his lowest ebb health-wise, Jason was 330 pounds and nearly dead. He was drowning in a constant state of lethargy, sweat and tight-fitting clothes.

In this latest blog/vlog, Jason shares the magical moment that everything changed when he asked himself a very simple question: What good is this money if I don’t have my health?



As you hear Jason describe his personal Hero’s Journey, ask yourself the same question and be prepared to listen to the answer your soul shares with you…

Love and chi,