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December 15, 2022

What Myth Really Means With Mansal Denton

What Myth Really Means With Mansal DentonHappy Friday!

If you listen to my Living 4D podcast with any regularity, the subject of myth comes up a lot…

However, I worry that influencers from the scientific/materialist complex have warped the concept and importance of myth in order to make people believe that the existence of myth is akin to a lie and generally pretty useless.

Given the emotional and spiritual depth of Mansal Denton, my recent Living 4D guest who teaches people how to use hunting to tap into the deepest parts of their souls, I want to share some of our dialogue about myth on my blog/vlog as it relates to hunting.

Myth is distilled wisdom that opens a door to transcendent realms and often connects you to the experiences and traditions of our ancestors.

Unfortunately, most of us live lives so, so far removed from very sacred traditions like hunting that involve the taking of a life that affects everything from our ecosystem to human health.

And many people who do participate in hunting have no connection with those animals. Instead of acknowledging their value to the world, many hunters decorate their walls with heads of animals they assume have no feelings, no fears, no reason to exist except to serve man.

If you enjoy this excerpt, I hope you’ll check out my entire Living 4D conversation with Mansal Denton about hunting as it relates to myth and how the very act helps us digest the process of death with more clarity.

Love and chi,