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May 16, 2024

What is a Shaman With Hamilton Souther

What is a Shaman With Hamilton SoutherA lot of you who listen to my weekly Living 4D podcast already know my wife, Angie Chek, is a Shaman.

Contrary to what you may have assumed, however, the practice of Shamanism is NOT a religion. When I asked Hamilton Souther to describe it on a recent Living 4D podcast, he called it a primordial science.

“It’s what came before science and religion. The idea of Shamanism is really a field of study that goes back tens of thousands of years or longer to the very origins of consciousness and spirit.

“[Shamanism] is a way of talking, not only about the life force animism and energy force of the universe but, ultimately, higher dimensional states of consciousness.”

And, even though there are many kinds of Shamanism, all of them share something very unique in common. Learn more about this deeper state of consciousness to that binds Shamans across an array of cultures and why they matter especially today in this week’s blog/vlog conversation with Hamilton Souther.


Love and chi,