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July 7, 2022

What Does Love Mean to You with Rachel Fiori

What Does Love Mean to You with Rachel FioriWhat does love really mean to you? Is it a feeling? Is it a physical sensation?

We get so bogged down with the esoteric that we forget how to express and experience the totality of love organically, the subject of this week’s blog/vlog with my recent Living 4D guest Rachel Fiori.

Rachel’s view of love is amazingly simple and so very elegant.

“I describe and define love, but not as a feeling. Love is a way of being because, if we understand it’s a way of being, then we can understand that expressions of love arise out of our beingness.

“So, if I am the beingness of love, what arises out of me organically, naturally and without trying are things like compassion, patience and surrender. Wisdom and power arise out of love too.”

What’s the opposite of beingness? Learn what that means along with the roles of differing love models that can often clash in my vlog…

Learn more about the great work Rachel is doing in the world by checking out her Masters of Self University website. Also, I strongly urge you to listen to our entire conversation, one of the most popular Living 4D podcasts I’ve done to date.

Love and chi,