September 28, 2011


Hi Everyone!

Today I’ve been very busy.

I got here pretty early to get busy working after my morning studies. I’m studying the rhythm method of natural contraception and it’s fascinating.

I’m surprised more mothers, religious groups, school counselors, marriage counselors, and government-sponsored programs don’t teach such methods.

The statistical accuracy for some of the rhythm methods is as high as 98%, yet, without any of the risks of hormonal manipulation and toxicity.

Today I had a great coaching call with Csaba Lucas and one of his clients. We really covered a lot of ground.

I taught him a lot about how to access and use his intuition. He really enjoyed learning about the methods I have developed and teach.

Last night, I came home tired and in need of some no-mind time so I watched “The Unit”, which is based on the activities of the US Delta Force.

When I was in the 82nd Airborne Division, I was asked to try out for Delta Force. I declined because the chances of dying on the job are good and I wanted to see my son grow up!

After the show, I needed to move my spine and breath so I went into the rock garden and mobilized my spine on my stone meditation seat.

Drawing in the Dark


I took my art pad and a black pen and drew almost blindly. I just drew what I could see.

I was wondering what the hell it would look like because I couldn’t tell if I was actually connecting the lines together or not. I sat out there for most of an hour and when I went into the house, I was really amazed at what I’d drawn. I didn’t bring it to work or I’d show you now.

I thought about it after seeing the drawing. I realized that while I was drawing, I had moments of insecurity about how it would look; would it just end up as useless scratch that I’d probably want to toss?

Then I remembered how many times the stones taught me not to care and to just play – the worst thing that can happen is the stones fall and I get to start over and play some more!

I kept that feeling in mind and just let go of that stinking chatter-box of an ego-shadow and drew away.

As I drew, a feeling of great joy came over me!

It was as though I was in school having the fun of creating, but had no teacher to tell me I did something wrong and I had no one else’s art to remind me how shitty my art may be compared to theirs! I just let it flow.

This experience reminded me of the many times I’ve had closed head injuries racing motto-cross and just woke up in the hospital, ambulance or in my bed at home and didn’t know how I’d gotten there.

Somehow, I made it!

This experience reminded me that whenever I’m in the dark, if I just leg go and have fun because it’s fun to have fun, things work out just fine.

It reminded me that when we can’t “see”, it’s an invitation to “feel”. I’m now excited about drawing and creating in the dark.

Maybe when I die, I’ll wake up in the dark with an art pad and I’ll be totally at peace just playing in the dark.

If I die before you do and one day, and drawings start falling out of the sky, it could be me reminding you that the afterlife is cool and that now I have lots of time to draw and send messages to you so you can look forward to being in the dark too!

Love and chi,
Paul Chek