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October 21, 2010

Welcome to Your Dream!

Welcome to your Dream!

Yes! You did indeed dream of coming to this beautiful world to learn how to experience the richness of life. You did dream of feeling the joy of making love, playing, creating and helping others learn the very things you wanted to learn about your SELF that can only be truly experienced as “self”.

Today, most people’s primary fears have been identified as two primary fears:
1. Fear of death, and
2. Fear of public speaking.

Fear of death does not occur among those that have truly lived. Life is The Play, the Grand Opera, the great caper, The Dance; indeed, life is exactly what you make of it. Fear of death only occurs when one is unsure of their true nature, which is born of, and truly is Unconditional Love. When one becomes brave enough to honestly look at what the word “GOD” actually means instead of believing what others without vision say, then one immediately comes to realize that there is no need to read books that impose fear and limitations on life. If one meditates on the nature of that CONSCIOUSNESS capable of the grandeur of creating worlds, galaxies, the Universe!, one soon comes to realize that with true Intelligence comes True Love. Then, there is no fear of living and a deep desire to celebrate living and loving emerges, superseding any fear of death, which can only be fear of the unknown; to the degree that God is an “unknown” for anyone, fear of death is their reality. Once one relaxes into an integrated brain-state and witnesses without projecting fear-based biases, GOD – EXISTENCE -BLISS emerges and life becomes a blessing.

Fear of public speaking is GONE when one is aware of the TRUTH of life. Once one comes to know the truth of LOVe and life, then one naturally sees everyone else as a beautiful expression of their SELF. Just as a mother has no fear of expressing herself to her children for their own benefit, one that understands LOVe shares their wisdom as naturally as they talk to and pet their cat or dog. Fear of public speaking is often rooted in fear of being wrong or being challenged. Yet, even one moment immersed in Cosmic Consciousness eliminates all such fears, for now, you are not sharing information, you are sharing your experience. Because Cosmic Consciousness is WHOLE, one gains authentic insight into the nature of Cosmic Creation, and at once, realizes their part in that beautiful play of life. Then, fear is gone forever! When I speak publicly, I’m never afraid of being challenged, for I’m not sharing information gathered with the intention of gaining social approval, I’m sharing what I know to be true from my own living-experiences as a Truth Seeker. Any challenges offer others and myself a chance to explore other vantage points; if another has a legitimate, experience-based vantage point, then we all get to learn and grow together. Who could be afraid of that when the authentic motive to speak, is to share?

Today, I’d like to encourage you, or anyone who is afraid of either life, or death, to view an excellent DVD that is truly medicine for such fears. It is titled, INFINITY – THE ULTIMATE TRIP by Jay Weidner. This beautifully created DVD features many of the world’s most authentic teachers of Spirituality, including Neale Donald Walsh, Greg Braden, Dannion Brinkley and Alberto Villodo; it’s worth the watch just to hear Alberto Villodo’s story and experiences with Cosmic Consciousness, not to mention all the other great offerings!

INFINITY offers us an opportunity to re-kindle our enthusiasm for life and abolish our fear of death. If you have loved ones who are ill with cancer or any potentially terminal disease, this DVD may well be just the medicine they need!

Enjoy Living, Loving and Sharing!

Love and chi,
Paul Chek