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December 30, 2019

Welcome to 2020!

Happy last Monday of the year and decade!

For this final blog/vlog of the decade, I want to share with you a shamanic approach to review the year gone by. It’s something you can also use any time you’re in some sort of crisis — you don’t have to wait until the end of the year.

Welcome to 2020

If you do an in-depth study of Shamanism, you’ll find a Shaman asks some simple questions that can get to the root of a person’s challenges very quickly.

For instance…

What is your dream?

The first thing you’ll want to do is get clear on what your dream is for the new year. That could be a dream of improved health or a better financial or career situation.

If you don’t have a dream, it’s pretty hard for you to set your intention. Your dream acts as an attractive force that draws you to your potential.

And, if you don’t set many goals, the research shows that you probably won’t achieve nearly as much in life compared to people who do.

While you’re examining your dream, you’ll also need to figure out your nightmare, the biggest roadblock that, if addressed correctly, would free up the most energy, vitality and creativity allowing you to create your dreams more effectively and have the health and vitality to do it.

When did you stop singing?

If a Shaman is really doing his/her work well, he/she will ask you when did you stop singing? Typically, when I work with people going through a crisis and ask them this question, almost always, they tell me, “Oh, when I was five or six…” or “When I was a little kid.”

When we sing, we’re actually harmonizing our chakras and subtle energy systems. When we’re singing out of joy, the vibrations create harmony throughout our body, our emotions and our whole energetic structure.

Singing is very, very powerful. It’s used in all sorts of cultures and ceremonies because of its healing power.

Welcome to 2020!

Now, take a look back at your life and think about when you stopped singing and why you did it. The most common reason people stop: Someone judged their singing and made them feel embarrassed or ashamed about it. So, the little broken child stays broken…

It doesn’t matter where you sing… in your car, the shower, or even sitting on the toilet. I like to sing whenever it feels good. Quite often when I lift rocks, I sing to the stones, the birds, the bees, the flowers and the trees just to share my love with them.

When did you stop dancing?

Typically, the same reasons people stop singing amount to why they stop dancing too.

When we dance, we’re acting spontaneously and out of our own freedom, just letting our body move to the music (or even without music playing in the background).

Sometimes, I go out and my tai chi area and just dance around and just let my body do what it wants to do. Often, this unlocks my joints and opens up the flow of my energy.

Doing this brings the child back online and creates a sense of openness, freedom and playfulness, which is really important in this fast-paced world where everybody’s rushing all the time. A lot of people don’t like to exercise, so I’ll tell them to put on their favorite music and dance away…

Think about what the double whammy of dancing and singing can do to restore your body’s healing powers and unlocking your creative potential.

Allowing all of this spontaneity emerge while singing and dancing is what I call unbound play. There’s no objective to achieve, other than creating pure joy and happiness for ourselves, which a lot of people have forgotten to do.

When did you stop enjoying stories?

When we enjoy stories, we enjoy things that don’t necessarily have to mean anything, but they can take us into the experience of being in another world.

I’m sure you’ve been engrossed in a movie and found yourself getting nervous or getting upset at the bad guy.

In my recent amazing Living 4D With Paul Chek conversation with James Carse, he defined a myth as a story that tells itself. When we really get into the greatest that there are out there right now, like the Harry Potter, Matrix or Star Wars series, they’re stories that are told as though the universe is speaking directly to us.

Welcome to 2020!

The whole universe itself is a mystery. Stories allow us to engage in that mystery, something we very easily forget when we’re trapped in a logical, rational world that looks at life through scientific, materialistic and academic lenses that keep telling us these stories are only for kids.

When we succumb to that mindset, that’s when the child in us starts to die…

When did you stop wanting to be alone with yourself?

I’ve found this question to be at the root of many health problems and diseases.

For example, when many people say they don’t have the time to meditate, what they really mean is they don’t have time to be with themselves. We are human beings. We are NOT human doings

If we don’t balance the doing with being and being with ourselves, we may never really make contact with our own soul and the consciousness within ourselves and, over time, find ourselves in a crisis.

Being alone with yourself is so important and so magical…

If you don’t get to know yourself, how are you going to know what’s happy making for you?

If you don’t get to know yourself, how are you going to learn to love yourself?

And, if you don’t learn to love yourself, how can you love anyone else (because you’re expecting other people to make you happy)?

Going into 2020

Once you begin to get clear about what’s really important in life by working through the answers to these five questions, you’ll find your emotional energy becomes unblocked, your creative energy begins to flow and a sense that all things are possible begins to emerge.

I predict 2020 is going to be a very interesting and magical year for a lot of people.

See you next year!

Love and chi,