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June 25, 2012


Happy Monday!

I’m done with my teaching in England with the exception of one small presentation at Matthew Wallden’s upcoming 2012 Barefoot Conference in London, Saturday, 30 June.

It was fantastic to get out of London, as I shared in my last blog.

Our seminars were held at a large Virgin Active racquet club and gym that was actually quite nice compared to most of the places I’ve been to in England. I was able to get in a couple decent workouts and steam baths, which helped me feel better in my body.

I had attentive students attend my two seminars. Here you can see me teaching my group of about 50 students in my Swiss Ball training class how to perform the Forward Ball Roll correctly.


I taught them as much as they could handle learning, leaving a lot of the technical explanations for a later time when they have more anatomy and physiology skill to follow me with.


They were a lovely group of students, and as usual, everywhere I go, people either want me to stand on Swiss balls with them, or have me lift them over my head ☺


I was glad it was standing on Swiss balls this time! Too tired for strong man stunts and the last time I let my ego do that one it cost me about 7 years of rehab time! I learned a lot though

In my second seminar, Scientific Stretching, I taught my students how to use foam rollers and how to perform a pressure release.

I explained how the subtle bodies penetrate the gross body so they better understood how to make pressure release work at the emotional and mental levels of the human construct.

Here you can see me demonstrating the power of the mind over the body.


I took my students through a mind-body experience that made it very obvious that muscle tone (tension) is highly influenced by one’s mental state. They seemed to be quite intrigued by this experience.

I also showed them that by holding any food in your hand while performing this test, they could determine if the food was stressful to the body; if it is, limitation in range of motion is noticed immediately!

Here you can see two of my favorite people to visit when traveling the world.

This is my buddy Duncan Reeve, and his lovely partner Jennie Delbridge. Duncan has been studying with me for about 13 years and I’ve got to watch them grow in the CHEK Program, and as a couple to.

I love them both and I’m very proud of all the people they help. They are now opening a new business in Geneva Switzerland and will be living in the mountains of France – they will help their clients move better, play a better golf game, and resolve many of the hormonal issues that arise that is a consequence of overworking and not making the right kinds of lifestyle choices.

I can’t wait to go visit them there because I know they will do something very beautiful. Great to see you both!

The CHEK Europe staff did an excellent job of marketing and running the two workshops we ran here in England. I have really enjoyed staying with Gavin and Gabi while here.

Gabi left on a much deserved vacation this morning and Gavin is being the most amazing host for me. He’s a great chef, a good buddy, and a very good business mind to share ideas with. We are having a lot of fun.

Today I got in a nice workout, an infra-red sauna, and had a great lunch with Gavin here at his beautiful center in Lancashire, England.

You can visit his web site at and if you are a local who wants top notch training and holistic health advice, you can visit and you won’t be disappointed!

Emma Lane, CHEK Faculty and good friend, came to visit me during the Scientific Stretching program too. It was lovely to see Emma. We are both so busy that I hardly get to see her, even when she visits in San Diego.

Emma now sells a lot of great health products to help people get healthy fast, and a line of Tesla products for electromagnetic pollution protection on her website, which is:

Great to see you Emma! Big Hugs and a Big Kiss too!

Warren Williams and Leigh Brandon also came to help out over the weekend. It was great to see you both! Thanks for your ongoing love and support!

I signed A LOT of books over the two-day course period. I’m genuinely blessed to experience so many people in the UK embracing my teachings and getting themselves healthy.

Have a beautiful day wherever you may be!

Love and chi,
Paul Chek