July 19, 2010

Use Your Heart To Feel What You Know!

Hello!, and Good Day to you wherever you are in your experience of life.

I hope you all had as beautiful and restful a weekend as I did. I have grown to really appreciate the deep value of rest, of doing nothing. I enjoyed drawing, spending time with Vidya and Penny, enjoying my garden and doing some meditative walking in the hills. Vidya and I walked in the hills behind my house and played the rattles to nature, which was fun.

I wanted to share with you my latest mandala that I created yesterday. This is one of my favorite I’ve ever created. It is an artistic expression of a poem given to me by one of my HLC students, Chen sook Fun in August, 2007. When she walked into the class room here at the institute, I immediately noticed her energy field was a beautiful, clear white that took the form of an amazing white rose. My inner-voice said, “see what her spiritual practice is?”, so I explained what I saw in her field. She shared the prayer she was given by her spiritual master/teacher with me. She wrote it down for me and I copied it and laminated it so I could put it in multiple locations.

Use your heart to feel what you know.

I’ve found it to be a beautiful reminder of what we are suppose to learn to do in life. I had the image of the four beings represented in my drawing as the expressions of tai-chi in human form and as I was drawing, my inner-voice said, turn your head right. I did, and right to my right was her beautiful prayer sitting next to my reading and drawing chair and I immediately knew what to do with the prayer. If you start reading from the left, just above the equator line, the first symbol means “Use”; the next means “Your Soul – Heart”; the symbol to the right of 12:00 means “to sense or feel your body”, and finally to the right just above the equator line is the Chinese symbol for “knowledge, mind, what you know or, your knowledge”. Therefore, the poem is an invitation to: Use your heart to feel what you know. Try it, you may be pleasantly surprised!

Love and chi,