December 7, 2015

Understanding (Your) Nature

Happy Monday to you!

I’m taking the day off to rest after teaching an exciting HLC3 while Angie taught an amazing HLC2 nearby in Carlsbad.

Today, I’ll share:
1. My vlog, titled: Understanding (Your) Nature
2. Comments and photos on the teaching experience.

Understanding (Your) Nature (30:00 Lesson)

Today, my video lesson explores the essential functions of how energy moves in the process of creating and maintaining life in all living beings, as well as human beings.

As is so often the case in today’s intellectually dominant world, we loose sight of the simple essentials that are the very foundation and fabric life is made of and through which it expresses itself.

Understanding Your Nature

All biologists are aware that everything from the single celled organism up to man go through the processes of absorption, assimilation, and discharge.

What they generally don’t attribute as essential to the process of creating life, but is indeed a foundational factor, is REST.

Everything moving has points of rest, even if they are very short; an example is a swinging pendulum, which comes to rest for a brief moment in time at the end of each swing before changing directions.

Understanding these essential biological functions can be very helpful when put into the context of what it takes each person to become a happy, healthy human being.

I hope you enjoy my presentation on the essentials to help you become vital.

CHEK Course Completions

HLC3 Carlsbad CA with Paul Chek


I was blessed to have the most well prepared, healthiest, and fittest HLC3 class I’ve taught to date. Very impressive.

There were several people in the class that were not only expressing genuine holistic health, but had the bodies of professional athletes.

I had a lot of beautiful, highly intelligent Canadians in my class. I think Canada may become the healthiest country in the world soon because they are both very interested in holistic health and have now developed one of the highest populations of CHEK Practitioners and HLC practitioners of any country. Great to see!

Canadian students are generally some of the sharpest and most well prepared. That’s one of the reasons that I continue to travel to Toronto each year to lecture at Can Fit Pro, where I can access Canada’s top health and exercise professionals.

For the first time in my teaching career, I did not feel drained by students and can wholeheartedly celebrate their achievements as individuals and professional HLC Coaches.

HLC3TeachingThis truly inspires my own heart knowing that they are making profound differences in the marketplace helping their clients become healthy and whole.

My students were very spiritually evolved as well. They could comfortably grasp the metaphysics of the CHEK Holistic teachings, which is essential to me because I feel the world needs coaches grounded in an understanding of the spiritual principles that underlie the world religions.

Without that, what you get is coaches that are still stuck in very limited views of life, God, and carry those biases into their coaching.

This, sadly, often leads to both judgment of clients/patients with other belief systems, and proselytizing by coaches who feel “they must save the client from their own belief system…”

My students were all capable of opening their hearts and minds to make room for all belief systems, while learning the principles that underlie the life process.

My students learned how to use infant development for assessing, and correcting body mind integration challenges, and they found the exercises, and the psychological correlations to each of the stages of infant development.

We had some lovely tai-chi sessions, did some chanting on the beach, and on the last day, we practiced the 5 animal frolics I imported from Chinese Medicine.

While we were doing the 5 animal frolics, a little girl was walking by with her parents and I could see she was very captivated by our practices.

I invited her to join us (she was about 5 or 6) and her parents let her. We had the greatest time with her. I taught her how to bend and breath like a dragon, how to be and move like a tiger, and more.

She had the greatest time and her mother ended up joining in with us too. While they were walking away, the little girl said to her mother that she wanted to do “more of that”, which was really cute to hear.

We finished our course by breaking down a very complex case offered by one of my students.

It was a great case for the students because it demonstrated in brilliant lights and colors the very nature, and dangers of religious programming and how it can lead to ill health, sadness and isolation within family and church.

In such cases, suppression of one’s natural sexual energies and the need to conform to unnatural and unhealthy beliefs as a desperate attempt not to loose connection to family and tribe is all too common.

Just imagine being a homosexual in a Mormon family while being raised in and participating in a Mormon church and you can begin to comprehend the degree of inner pain and entanglement.

I train CHEK and HLC Practitioners to able to understand the effects of familial, societal and cultural programming and coach effectively.

As I broke this case down, I showed my students how they could assess an individual through the seven-chakra system, or by using the Chinese 5 element system and choose the approach that was the best fit for the case.

In this case, my students were pleasantly surprised to learn that both the Hindu and Chinese approaches resulted in identical approaches to healing.

I loved being able to share this case breakdown with the students because it showed them very clearly that though both systems look different on the surface.

The underling principles are the same, which is why people regularly experience healing with either approach.

Without an understanding of the fundamental principles underlying each approach, the students would not have learned how to choose the best model for a given client, nor would they have seen that healing systems, like religions, are all built upon common principles.

One of the biggest problems we face in the world today is that the people teaching health, healing, medicine, and religion seldom understand, or practice the fundamental principles.

They memorize text and quote it religiously, but are typically unaware that they neither practice the principles in their own life, nor recognize that they are using (verbal/intellectual) complexity to cover up for their lack of authentic knowledge of key principles.

What you get is a lot of confused people in pain out trying to get others “to join them.”

One of my students had to leave suddenly the morning we started the course. Sylvia got word that her home burnt down and she lost everything. This saddened me immensely.

I asked Vidya to create a card for the student’s and I to sign so that we could send Sylvia some healing chi and let her know that she and her family were in our prayers. Thank you Vidya, I loved what you created!


HLC2 Carlsbad CA with Angie Lustrick


Angie taught a great HLC2 class to prepared students. Jator Pierre, HLC1 Instructor was here to assist her – many of the students in this course were from their HLC1 courses in Canada and the United States.

Jator was with us to continue his training to become an HLC2 instructor, so it was nice to spend some time catching up with Jator.

The new HLC2 we now offer is a much more practical course that teaches students how to more effectively break down the comprehensive Health Appraisal Questionnaire (HAQ) and develop specific 4 Doctor protocols to effectively (holistically) lower scores.

It is a big class to master as a teacher, but Jator is up to the task. Can’t wait to see you out there teaching HLC2, Jator!


Maggie, Angie’s pug, was also in class! She continued her training to be the first Pug instructor for the HLC program. Although she slept through most of it, she occasionally reviewed her notes. 🙂

She’s done five or more HLC2s now, and as you can see, she still has her hand in the notes and is paying attention!

Would you expect anything else from Angie’s dog?

The students all loved being with Maggie, and Angie said that each day Maggie would go to each student and check to see if they were doing well.

Many were impressed that she’d specifically come to each and every one of them, and of course many would pet her and show their love in return. She eats that up and loves to be with the students when Angie teaches.

My buddy, Boris Simurina also attended the course from Serbia. You might remember from my previous blogs a few years ago that he was working with champion Volleyball player Natalya Mamadova, and was key in bringing her to me to help resolve her health challenges. It was really wonderful for me to know that Boris is learning how to coach using Holistic Principles.

Overall, all I can say is “WOW! HALLELUJAH!”

Angie, Vidya and I were all very impressed with the health and vitality of our students in both classes.

Angie just entered her third trimester (and she’s getting BIG), but her students were amazed at how much energy, passion and clarity she presented with and maintained right to the closing bell. Great job, Angie!

It is my dream that you gain some awareness as to where a little simple fine-tuning can enhance your capacity to cultivate life force energy, and enhance your vitality and capacity to weave your dreams each day.


Love and chi,
Paul Chek