May 23, 2011


Howdy and happy Monday!

I hope your weekend was as fulfilling as mine!

Rory, Vidya, Penny and I drove out to Drew Danforth’s (our shipping manager) property south east from here on Saturday for a social day with some of the CHEK Staff. We enjoyed a fire-roasted dinner of organic chicken, potatoes, sweet corn and beans, salad and gluten-free brownies.

We walked the perimeter of his 220 acres and climbed rocks. It was beautiful to see his land and all his lovely ponds, ducks and wildlife. Drew even has seen a cougar recently on his land. Check out some of the pics here:

Before I left the office Saturday morning, I also recorded my new monthly message for The topic I chose to share about is How To Use Resistance Effectively In Our Lives. It will be posted soon so iff you aren’t a subscription member, you can join and take advantage of the lovely little video lessons I create for subscribers each month.

Sunday, Rory and I stayed at home and did art, stretched and mobilized on the stones and rollers and I shared a treatment with Rory and my visiting Faculty Tommi Toles. It was fun to share some healing love with two amazing men in my life.

I was having a lovely time communicating with the nature spirits at home. I’m constantly amazed at all the wisdom right in front of our noses, yet, we’ve been conditioned not to see it and seek medical help instead of natural help.

Natural help comes most easy as one learns the art of inner-listening. Once you allow your consciousness to rest in your body and access the wisdom in your own DNA, you have access to all the information that exists in nature.

Quite simply, you are that.


My drawing represents the mind-function of an enlightened being. The pyramid represents his fore-brain, which is where we deal with novel challenges and have an opportunity to create novel (out of the box) solutions to challenges. The fore-brain depends upon input from both the left (logical, programmed brain) and the right (holistic, unconditioned, ultimately receptive) brain to make optimal or holistic decisions.

When our left-brain becomes overly conditioned, we fall into the trap of believing that we can only solve problems with the ideas we have stored in our heads.

Because life is ever-changing, and people are ever changing, even someone that esteems themselves as highly intelligent will regularly run into impasses when trying to assess challenges in the now through the eyes (and mind) of the past.

When our right-brain is an active participant in our awareness, we don’t simply see a problem to solve with yesterday’s ideas, we see the myriad of connections to any idea. By seeing the connections to ideas, we are opened to the many other ways to create effective change.

When the right-brain begins to come on-line for people that are the products of ineffective childhood (school yard) conditioning, it is as though an entirely new universe of possibilities arise. It can be so fulfilling that one soon learns that they can relax, that they don’t have to constantly burn up so much mental-emotional energy trying to remember everything they’ve learned about this or that topic.

With right-brain access, we come to realize that the Universe is a living memory of all events. We relax knowing that all the information in the Universe is right there to aid us.

The Universe loves creating novelty. Whenever we allow ourselves to access novel ideas and experiences, it is as though the Universe comes fully alive in us.

The Universe is like a child that loves to play and has no idea as to “wouldn’t, shouldn’t, couldn’t, maybe, can’t” concepts.

A simple exercise I learned from Dr. Cliff Oliver that you can use to activate your right-brain is to go for a slow, relaxed walk in the morning.

As you walk, spend a few minutes listening to the sounds of nature while focusing only on what you hear through your left ear. Then, after a few minutes, turn your attention to what you experience through your right ear. Each ear (and eye) is controlled by the opposite brain hemisphere.

Shifting your consciousness from left to right and being fully present with what you experience through each ear, and how different it feels inside you is a simple first step to becoming aware of what it feels like when you are using one hemisphere vs. the other.

As you learn how to access the different parts of yourself that are linked to each brain hemisphere, you learn that how you hold and move your body is also a significant influence on your receptivity. In time, you will learn what the term, whole brain or body-mind learning means.

A quick way to integrate the hemispheres is to use the Zone 6 eye circling exercise from my book How To Eat, Move and Be Healthy!

Learning to Enhance Your Perception and Awareness

For those of you that want to learn much more about how to use natural activities and natural supplements to enhance your perception and awareness, I’d love to share with you personally!

For those of you who are inspired, I’m conducting two workshops on this topic this upcoming Memorial Day weekend – Friday and Saturday. They are zen In The Garden, and Paul Chek’s Vitality Building workshop. I’m looking forward to sharing what I’ve learned and helping you to relax through movement, and helping you to enhance your perception and awareness.

Enjoy listening to birds through individual ear awareness today.

Don’t forget to pay attention to the changes in your body as you switch ears so you can learn from your body how to feel your way into the state of being that is most optimal for solving the challenges you have in the NOW.

Love and chi,

Paul Chek