February 25, 2013

Tips for Developing Your Dream Team

Happy Monday!

I hope you all had as enjoyable a weekend as I did.

I took the day off Friday, got a massage, a steam, did some art and relaxed.

Saturday, I came to work to do some catching-up. Among the things I got done was preparing for my upcoming contribution for Sean Croxton’s “SexyBack” Summit; this isn’t about having a “sexy back”, it’s about “getting your sexy back”.

I saw the list of presenters and some of their proposed topics for Sean’s upcoming SEXYBACK Summit and the program looks very provocative and informative!

In my presentation, I will help participants get clear on exactly what sex energy is, and how to cultivate enough of it to express your authentic creativity (sex energy) fully. I’ll share how to use my 4 Doctor approach to effectively getting your sexy back!

Sunday was another amazingly beautiful day up here in Heaven. I was looking for another Bobcat all weekend, but they are pretty illusive. I know they are there now, so I’ll just be patient. I spent the morning working on my new and upcoming membership program and had a great time.

In the afternoon, I went home and Vidya and I did a healing session for Ryan and Jennifer Hughes. Healing takes time, patience and usually stimulates some reflection to consider Spirit’s redirect.

It was great to see Ryan out of the hospital, but he’s moving slow. It had only been nine days since Ryan’s top six thoracic vertebra were caged and fused. Ryan has amazingly strong regenerative abilities and a single focused mind. He’s already out walking and getting back into his life, which is lovely to see.

He is engaging his mind in mindful meditation to work with his pain and is basically off all the narcotic pain relievers. He is a true warrior that man!

It was great for us to extend some love to Jennifer too. She’s been through a lot of stress and fear, as well as their children too. Ryan will rise from this injury a stronger, wiser man, I assure you. That’s how Ryan is. He certainly was moving a bit more fluidly after our session and I know that tremendous opportunities are coming his way very soon.

We had fun helping him and Jennifer brainstorm about ways to grow his business without having to ride racing bikes.

Medicine Wheel 1-27-06
Last week, I shared a variety of posts about the change process. Change is much more challenging for those that have what is referred to as a “closed (rigid) mindset”, and easier for those with an open mindset.

Whenever we are crafting a new dream/goal, we are very likely to need the help of others. Even when we think we can create our dream alone, chances are good that the dream-building activities will impact existing relationships with family members, business partners, co-workers, etc. For bigger dreams, we need bigger support systems, including people.

Maintaining an open mind in the dream creation process allows you to use both your instinctual wisdom, and your intuitive access to guidance.

When we are open minded in the development and planning phases, we are more likely to have greater clarity as to who is most likely to be essential to the dream-building process.

We also are more likely to become aware of where we may need more education to complete our dream.

In the beginning phases of building your dream-team, consider the following:

1. Who will be impacted by the creative process you are about to undertake?
A. Family members?
B. Friends?
C. Co-workers?
D. Suppliers/Vendors?
E. Contractors?

2. What education might you need to fulfill your dream and who is best to assist you? They will be part of your dream-team.

3. How will your relationships with these key people change once the dream-building process begins? What considerations must you explore so that each key dream-team member’s needs are also being met? Do you share similar values?

4. What may you offer the dream-team members as healthy reciprocity for their participation/contribution to your dream?

I invite you to consider these questions up front when you are thinking about any project, new business or goal. When you do so it can significantly smooth and facilitate the creation of your dream!

For those of you wanting my help to effectively create your dreams, PPS Success Mastery Lesson 1. How To Find and Live Your Legacy is designed for that exact purpose. I take you through all the necessary steps to get your mind right, your life clear, and show you how to be clear on the 10 essential components of building any dream. For more information, visit my website: www.ppssuccess.com

Love and chi,
Paul Chek