January 22, 2014

Tips For Buying Athletic Shoes

Happy Wednesday!

Sorry I’ve been slow with my blogging lately. As I’m sure some of you may have suspected, I’ve been very busy with business planning for the new year, coaching clients, and the many other tasks that are part of my day.

I hope you enjoyed seeing the bobcats in one of my recent blogs. Lately, I’ve been getting lots of visits from roadrunners. They are quite cool birds and seem to like my music.

Tips For Buying Athletic Shoes

Today, I’ll get into some of the specifics that we should all be aware of when choosing a new pair of athletic shoes.

Shoe variances

In my vlog today, I’ll talk about the differences in shoe construction, and how that effects our musculoskeletal reactions to ground reaction forces.

I share some tips for when an orthotic is a useful tool, and when it may be a dangerous addition to your shoes!

Foot Skeletal

I share what “pronation” is, and what “supination” is, and explain how these movements occur globally, as a body-wide expression coupled with respiration.

I share the basics of core control, and how we may be buying shoes that “sound good”, or even “feel good”, but may actually contribute to pain and dysfunction in our body because we are “complicating” things for our body.

To explain the basics of core control, I share the CHEK Totem Pole approach to how the bodies control systems work.

For those of you wanting to dive deeper into the issues of core control, posture, and spinal function, I offer a comprehensive education on these topics in the following resources:

1. How To Eat Move and Be Healthy! – Book
2. Scientific Core Conditioning – correspondence or elearning course
3. Scientific Back Training – correspondence or elearning course

I hope you enjoy the video today and I’ll look forward to sharing more with you Friday.

I’ll be sharing a review on a great new book, and some spiritual dowsing cards made by one of my teachers.

Love and chi,
Paul Chek