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March 14, 2016

Tips for Back Strengthening

Happy Monday!

I hope you are all well and enjoying life.

In my blog today, I will share:

1. CHEK Holistic Coaching Program
2. Mana’s Development
3. The Reverse Hyperextension Exercise
4. Commentary on “Sound” by Joseph Rael
5. Commentary on the movie “Spotlight”
6. World Water Day (March 22)

CHEK Holistic Coaching Program 

I’ve been very busy working non-stop to finish the slide shows and manual for my new and upcoming CHEK Holistic Coach training program.

Though my CHEK Holistic Coach program is designed for anyone working to guide other people in any field, the workshop takes each individual through their own journey of understanding their life process, and finding meaning in the challenging events in life as means of expanding consciousness, it will eventually be an E-learning (on-line) only course, so this is a great time to see and meet me.

Anyone who truly wants to grow their enlightenment will benefit greatly from experiencing this workshop.

I have taken many people in my own coaching practice through the process I share, and the results have been powerful for them, and myself too!

I will be teaching it as a live 4-day event in Oxfordshire, UK, May 19-22, (click on the lnk for more information) and again in the US, September 15-18, somewhere TBA at a beautiful location.

Registration is open for this powerful, life-transforming event, I’d love to help you improve your understanding of the life process and radically improve your coaching skills and your coaching toolbox.

Mana’s Development

Mana in his gym
Penny, Angie and I have been having a great time with Mana. He’s growing fast, and is already engaging in a variety of infant development movements, which is fun to watch!

My heart is touched by this little being each and every day, and I acknowledge the flow of abundant blessings in my life.

The Reverse Hyperextension Exercise

Today in my video blog , I explain how to use the reverse hyperextension exercise.

Though I demonstrate it on a Swiss ball, the exercise can be effectively done on a variety of back hyperextension benches available in most gyms.

I have used this exercise in many instances to help people that previously couldn’t do much of any exercise due to serious injuries to their lumbar spine, such as disc bulges and vertebral endplate fractures.

I hope you enjoy learning how to use this simple, effective back conditioning exercise for yourself, or as a tool for helping others.

If you would like to learn MUCH more about assessing, rehabilitating, and conditioning people with a variety of back problems, you will find my correspondence course, Scientific Back Training loaded with practical information you can use immediately! Or you may take the course online.

This program is one of the prerequisites for my 5 Day training program: Exercise Coach

Commentary on “Sound” by Joseph Rael

I can honestly say that I have probably studied over 1,000 books and courses on spiritual development in my lifetime, so I’m very familiar with concepts from around the world.

About a month ago, my client “Jason”, who is a veracious student of spiritual development turned me onto Joseph Rael.


Joseph Rael is a Pueblo Holy Man who completed the Sun Dance (nonstop dancing for four days without any food or water!) for sixteen years in a row as part of his own spiritual development.

I recently read his book “Sound”, and thought it was absolutely BEAUTIFUL!! Joseph’s teachings are very practical and can help anyone really understand life more fully, and come to deeply appreciate the beauty of life, and the world.

Joseph Rael is a visionary artist, and painted or drew all the images in this book, and the art alone is enough to take you on a spiritual journey!

“Sound” is now on my top-10 list of all time best reads of spiritual development and practical metaphysics. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Commentary on the movie “Spotlight”

I recently watched the Academy Award movie, “Spotlight” and it was really very good. It is about the investigation into child abuse among Catholic Priests in Boston.

The movie uncovers some uncomfortable truths about the Catholic religion, but in all fairness to Catholics, most religions have their own forms of similar challenges with the abuse of power.

This movie is sure to strike a deep cord with Catholics who are in denial of the fact that the devil hides in the Church…and is also very likely to inspire parents in general to think twice before sending their children to “church schools”!

The movie is based on factual accounts, and I can sadly testify that in my own practice as a Holistic Health Practitioner, I have had more patients suffering trauma, illness and disease as a byproduct of being molested by a Catholic priest or a Church figure than I can count up in my 32 year career.

I think it is wise for all of us to look into the dark; the devil you know is always better than the devil you don’t know!

“Spotlight” is a very well filmed and produced movie and I highly recommend it as both entertainment and education.

United Nations World Water Day (March 22)

We cannot separate the personal from the rest of the world. To bring awareness to our water crisis, UPLIFT and Unify, along with many others are launching a worldwide Synchronized Meditation and Water Blessing all around the world event: Bless the Water, March 19.

My buddy, Chip Richards, Holistic Coach, is one of the contributors. Check out his article: Can Our Intentions Health The Water.

To learn more about Chip and his wife Asheyana, and the many conscious projects they are leading, please visit his website:

This is important to me. We live in a world where each day our choices influence and impact our environment here on Mother Earth. I hope you’ll join me.

Love and chi!

Paul Chek