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November 6, 2009

Time off with Good Friends

After I finished teaching HLC2, I got some time to chill with my good friends Donal Carr, Cathy his wife and their kids Ryan and Josh. Donal is one of my faculty instructors for the CHEK Institute and has been a tremendous support to me here in Australia. He his also a ZERO FORCE Client too. Donal is a very conscious man who is serious about applying my teachings personally and professionally. Additionally he has become an awesome artist – I am blown away at how he has advanced in his creative expression in just a few years.

Myself, Cathy Carr, Ryan and Josh

Donal brought his Elektra so that I wouldn’t miss my morning cup of joy!

Making a cup of joy on Donal's Electra

What a great way to start the day!!

Life is good with Donal and cup of espresso!

We had stunning sunny weather!

Stunning days on Myall Lake right outside my door

Greg Doherty is a great photographer and really helped me with the organization of my courses here in OZ.

Greg Doherty photographer and my South Seas distributor

Morning peace and tranquility!

Morning peace

The iguanas came out in force after the rain.