June 21, 2012


Happy Thursday To You!


Whew!! It was like a dark cloud lifted off of me after leaving the Royal Automobile Club (RAC) and London. The service in the London RAC was terrible overall. There were a couple of good concierge men, but the rest of the staff were like a group of sheep suffering from fungal infections. I could not believe how so many people working in a so-called prestigious club/Hotel could know so very little about their own operation. Many times staff told me one thing, and then when I went to do that function I was told that wasn’t possible, or another story all together. The place must be owned and run by the airport security services in the US!

There were some good times there too though. Duncan and I really enjoyed the Turkish baths. Their gym was tiny and confused, but we did have what we needed to keep balance in our lives. I enjoyed the people working at the juice bar. They were pleasant and took detailed personal orders and produced in kind. Thank you!

London is so busy preparing for the Olympics it was like being in a beehive where the nectar was laced with speed. Duncan and I took almost an hour once to travel only about a mile and a half to visit Cass Ingram and Miss Judy. There are large common areas blocked off, causing foot traffic confusion and elevated emotions. Statutes are being cleaned and beautified everywhere. There are many tourists to thicken the milieu, making a good arterial sludge for London’s cardiovascular system.

London is a place where you had best live the way I teach in my book How To Eat, Move and Be Healthy! If you don’t, each day you will become progressively more of a shadow of your true-Self.

On the way out of London, we stopped to visit Warren Williams and Jade Johnson at his studio, where he trains Jade and a variety of other elite athletes.

Paul Chek and Warren Williams

Warren had just received a painting of the CHEK Totem Pole from a friend of his two days before my arrival. I thought maybe by feeding it a fish, it would come to life and grow. We’ll see how long it takes to eat the fish.

CHEK Totem with Warren Williams

As you can see, by living the totem Pole, Warren has taken it to a whole new level of well-being, which he shares with others every day!

Soul Totem with Paul Chek

Many ask me where I got the idea for the Totem Pole.

The answer is that I was led to it through the powers of observation granted to me by the Providence of my soul. The soul is the All of Everything that allows itself the experience of an “I”, of self-sentience. At one end is the Alpha, and at the other the Omega, but in the middle there are none, yet!I and every-one.

The Chek Totem with Paul

This is another version I created as a means of playing and having some much welcomed fun today.

Duncan Reeve and Paul Chek

Once I saw that Warren had the tools for the Primal atlas adjustment, I thought I’d demonstrate it to him on Duncan. He had it knocked out while wrestling with a Bengal Tiger. I’m glad I got to him before he lost hope in feline chiropractic skills.

Warren WIlliams, Paul Chek and Jade Johnson

I got a chance to see the amazing and Beautiful Jade Johnson in person. I was so glad to be able to hug her and give her my best wishes for her Olympic trial meet in a day or two. We shared strategy for healthy mental preparation.

Duncan, Warren, and John, Jade’s amazing Buddha of a Track Coach and I did a sound healing for Jade to harmonize her and bring her into our beings with the Universe as ONE. It was healing and beautiful for all of us.

We can all chant her blessing with her and send her love, levity and distance for her jumps. Her blessing is:

3 times chanted:




Followed by:




Also three times chanted.


Expressed with utter conviction!

Jade has had to work through a lot of pain to get ready for this event. She has followed her heart and soul. I share this with you all because she has worked very hard. I feel we can all admire her with our hearts, knowing that she is among the few of us who is reaching fully for their potential. When anyone does that, they are, for humankind, expanding our grasp of what is possible.

We know that prayer works from science. And science knows from asking us that it is love that provides prayer’s magic!

Imagine the magic occurring as we are all chanting with her as she prepares for each run. We will all be on the same thought-intention wave. In that space in time, we are all harmonized, sharing seamlessly in each other’s lives at that moment in time. Our dreams become each other’s and love comes freely.

If we hold the vision of Jade as an Olympian — chant her chant and send the love of our hearts — we naturally share with all spirits who reach fully for their potential, and she will experience our grace as levity.

Thank you for all the love you share with the world Jade Dragon!

May each step down the runway come with the freedom of expressing yourself flawlessly with just one line.

Farnborough College

I was having so much fun playing with my photos of the CHEK Totem Pole today that I didn’t feel like driving to the gym. I went across to the field and enjoyed sprinting, track and field drills, calisthenics, and fresh air. It was beautiful. As I was walking home, a teenage boy walked past me playing his guitar. He was truly a genius. I felt as though I’d just caught glimpse of a prodigy. It was an amazing feeling! I saw God flash before me the dance was in my ears, my being. There was pain in this boy’s eyes, but I could clearly see he’d found his medicine. I was blessed to see him sharing it with everyone as he walked through the campus parking lot.

Paul Chek and Stuart Peach

Stuart Peach came to see me today to give me another great massage. He brought a beautiful mandala his six-year-old daughter Amber drew for me. It was very beautiful. “Thank You Amber!” I drew a little something for her and sent it back with Stuart.

Gavin and Gabby have taken great care of me since getting together here, maintaining the excellent standard of support extended to me by the one, the only, the Amazing and Beautiful, Duncan Reeve. Forgive him if you see him walking around with his head on backward; it was my first try at an atlas correction with Warren’s new tools.

Well, one more welcomed day of rest and then I’ll teach my Swiss ball workshop followed Saturday by Scientific Stretching. You can learn more by checking out the schedule at www.chekeurope.com.

I hope you all have an amazing day. Let’s celebrate sunlight and fresh air!

Love and Chi,
~ Paul Chek