May 9, 2016

The String of Breath and Awareness

Happy Monday!

I hope all is well with you and that you made time to honor all the Mothers in your life over the weekend.

Penny, Angie, Mana and myself made it to England!

Penny, Angie Mana

Paul Mana

Mana was a perfect little traveler and slept the whole way.

Angie Mana

I have had a few days to recover from travel and to rest after very busy weeks in preparation to teach my newest CHEK 4 Quadrant Coaching Course, May 19-22, and HLC3 in a few days here in Oxfordshire.

In my Blog today I’m going to share

  1. A Simple technique using a string to help you modulate your breath and awareness.
  2. Show-N-Tell With Paul

The String of Breath and Awareness

In my video today, I show how you can use a piece of string to enhance your ability to breath diaphragmatically.

The string offers negative feedback in the form of slight discomfort as your belly expands.

String around tummy

This informs you through sensation that your belly is indeed expanding, which many (particularly females) have a hard time doing.

I think you will find this this simple, but powerful method I developed to help my patients and athletes will be very helpful to you.

Those with emotional highs and lows, of who feel depressed or anxious may find this method very helpful as well. This is because when you breathe properly, you not only have more energy, but your emotions don’t get trapped in your body so easily.

Give it a try. The worst thing that can happen is you feel better.

You can learn more techniques like this in my Core Conditioning program and when you attend Exercise Coach Course.

Show-N-Tell with Paul

It really has been lovely to rest deeply and catch up on uninterrupted reading before teaching HLC3 for 6 days.

We are staying in a lovely little farm house that was a horse stable before being converted.


This is where I am teaching HLC3 starting Tuesday. Lovely spot with great areas for working in?.

Angie and I have been enjoying our workouts at CP3 Henry Maitland’s studio, nearby.


Mana can somehow sleep, even when Angie is really working and moving dynamically.

Enjoy your week and may you discover new aspects of yourself as you modulate your breath awareness.

Love and chi,

Paul Chek