December 22, 2011


Namaste, and happy day to you!

I hope you are in well-being today!

I had a lovely day yesterday. I began with tai-chi, some work, and found my way into the gym for a lovely lunging and medicine ball circuit workout.

I was busy with the final changes to the new Scientific Shoulder Training correspondence course most of the day.

My day ended with another beautiful sunset tai-chi session and some art next to the fire with great music.

Due to email problems, the blog I’d written for Wednesday didn’t make it to Vidya in North Carolina to post. Therefore, I’m sharing Wednesday’s blog with you today.

I had a great day yesterday. I had a busy morning of writing, a quick pushing workout in the gym, and Sean Greeley’s Net Profit Explosion (NPE) webinar for the Chek Community.

I’m really excited that we can bring NPE to the Chek Community.

So many CP’s end up with business challenges that are stressful to them once they leave gyms and start their own businesses that it concerns me.

I know very well that working in your business is not working on your business. When we get busy working with clients and give all our love and energy outwardly, it’s hard to find the time and energy to be a business expert too.

The result is that most don’t work on their business until they are under financial stress.

Sean Greeley’s business systems are beautifully designed to make your business both profitable, and easier to run and manage.

I’ve been very impressed with his knowledge, and the results he gets, or I wouldn’t be sharing awareness of his business. My dream is that all CP’s be financially successful and stable so we can more effectively bring the message of natural health to everyone.

If you’d like to learn more about Sean and NPE’s business and marketing systems, feel free to visit his web sites:




We are all on a quest, a journey. We are on our quest both individually, and collectively.

We all have authentic needs, such as feeding, sheltering and caring for ourselves. Most of us also have our unique wants. We often want more money, beauty, strength, power, fame, etc.

Many have moved past meeting their needs and become very effective at getting their wants met too.

But the real question that emerges in all of us who are delving into achieving or maintaining our “wants” is, “have achieving my wants made me more safe, secure and whole as a person; do I know and love myself more for meeting my wants than when I was only concerned about meeting my needs?

In many ways, this experience of the journey we share socially and culturally is our spiritual quest.

Most of us have learned the hard way that money can’t buy, nor make love. Neither can (physical) beauty, power, possessions or fame.

When our frame of reference is based on what others are doing or achieving to the exclusion of how we authentically feel inside about ourselves, we easily get caught up in what is rightly termed the rat race!

This is what it means when Jesus is reported to have said (in paraphrase) that a rich man can no more get into heaven than a camel can fit through the eye of a needle.

What we truly are is “soul”, “consciousness”.

If our choices in life take us away from an intimate, authentic relationship with our soul, at one-and-the-same-time, we are becoming less conscious.

Less consciousness equates to less awareness and less awareness leads to an inability to recognize the need for and the ability to implement change in our lives.

There is only one thing that is constant in the entire universe, and that is “change”. When we have less, and have less expectations placed upon us by others, change is a natural thing.

One who is addicted to sitting at the head of the table in the biggest chair because their ego has deified such a position, has a very hard time feeling comfortable and enjoying the food and company in any other chair.

Yet, it is the same food, same people, and same offering being given from any chair, or even when sitting on the floor!

In his beautiful book titled, The Quest, Vol. 2, The Notebooks of Paul Brunton (ISBN: 0-943914-14-0), Paul Brunton offers much useful, authentic commentary on the spiritual quest we all share.



Here are a couple of relevant gems I’d like to share today:

Pg 222. Note 415: “He who is sufficiently ready to recognize the Higher Purpose of Life, and who has the courage to change and improve his way of thinking, thereby replacing negative thoughts by positive ones, will certainly be rewarded by improved circumstances and greater happiness than he may already enjoy.”

This is the basis of my “coin technique” for mental self-management.

First, state your dream; what you truly desire to experience at this time in your life.

Then, state any thought that arises about your ability to make the changes necessary to live the dream.

All thoughts are either positive, or negative in orientation relative to your stated dream.

Negative thoughts are such that you put your coin tails up to exemplify your thought.

Next, you choose to flip the coin over with the knowledge that no negative (tails) thought can exist without its positive (heads) attribute supporting it in reality.

For example, if your dream is to “love yourself” and you think a thought like, “how can I love myself when no one loves me?”, then this would be a tails up thought.

Now, the converse of that thought is that “If I love myself more, I’ll be more lovable and people are more likely to love me too!”, which represents the heads side of your coin.

Only one of those thoughts is affirmative of your dream. That’s the one you allow your self to believe and invest your energy into.

With practice, we soon learn that when thoughts arise that aren’t affirmative of our dream (tails), we simply see them like garbage in a can and leave them there to be picked up by garbage men.

In time, you will find that your ego-mind learns that regurgitating on such negative thoughts isn’t getting it attention and it will seek to fulfill your desires as a means of it’s own self-fulfillment.

In time, you will find that every time you go through this process, you have to create a quiet space inside yourself where you can be brave enough to be honest with yourself.

This is an authentic act of self-love and each such act brings you into contact with your own soul. This is the spiritual quest.

As you can see in my diagram above, Life is a River that never stops moving, never stops changing.

When we hold onto ideas and live out actions that are not affirmative of our authentic love, we are attempting to hold back the river of life.

This river is the cosmos itself, and even Hercules can’t hold it back!

If we play this game too long, by the time we realize what game we’ve been playing, and who we are playing against, the magnitude of the realization can be big enough to put people into a state of depression or apathy.

This is the nature of the mid-life crisis by the way!

The sidewalk heading to the door represents all the paths we wonder down. But like every door in life, when we walk through the door, we only get what we choose to see and experience.

The world is always there to support your dreams or delusions, just as the sun is; that is the nature of Unconditional Love.

The sign wave symbol represents “Spirit”, which is a metaphysical word that means “change or transition”.

You will find that no matter what you paint on any door, it only leads to another door. Once you accept the responsibility of meeting your needs and learning to love and care for yourself, then your door seeking diminishes.

As your door seeking diminishes, there is more room for peace. In a state of “peace”, there is a level of fulfillment that one can’t get walking to, or through doors!

In fact, the more time you spend there, the more likely you are to sell, or give away all your doors, the keys to them, and just stay in that peaceful state.

I know this is much more challenging in practice than just reading or writing about it.

But I’m not just “writing about it as a theoretical proposition.”

I do live this way every day and have come a long way toward reducing how many doors I walk through and how many keys I need to cut, own, and protect so that I can be “in peace”.

I’m most happy with a simple life.

I love being alone in my garden with nature and have found that having enough money to meet my needs is far more nourishing than trying to conquer, or “change the world”.

I’m on this path with you every day and my blogs are an invitation for you to join me and share your own process so we can all find peace, well-being together.

How about you? What will you energize as you flip your personal coin today?

Love and chi,
Paul Chek