February 1, 2012


Happy Wednesday to You!

I had a great day yesterday and I hope you did too.

I had a lovely morning tai-chi session, got some work done and headed to the gym.

I asked Vidya to film me doing one of my mini-circuit pulling workouts for my youtube channel.


I share an uncommon way to do single arm rowing that really develops both pulling and grip strength called a cross-lateral Olympic barbell row. I make suggestions for maintaining muscle mass as one ages as well, which will hopefully inspire both men and women not to give up on themselves. Feel free to view my videos posted: www.youtube.com/paulcheklive

I was excited to finish off my recent rock-stacking project when I got home last night. I wanted to build a really high tower.

The high towers can draw a lot of cosmic energy into the soil, aiding growth potential in the garden and filling my zen garden with even more chi.

I began the project the day before, and needed to get out a ladder to finish it because I can only safely stand on piled rocks for so high before it gets stupidly dangerous.

This image was taken when the sun was down so it’s not very clear, but hopefully you can get a sense of how high it is.

I had to stand on the second from the top step of the ladder and reach as high as I could reach to put the last stone on this “space needle”.

It really does create a huge amount of energy in the garden, which I love. It makes it easier for me to go into no-mind while meditating in my garden.

I’m super excited about my upcoming zen In the Garden day next Friday, Feb 10! We are going to have a great time together! I’ve got word that some really cool friends and students are attending.

If you would like to join me, please register at www.PPSsuccess.com


What are we, but
a rainbow bridge?

Empty sky above,
earth below.

Your bones are hard, as stones, yet
within you, water flows, and
where it came from,
no one truly knows.

The sky seems empty, yet
earth’s breath condenses.
Clouds form and something is there.
This I know because rain is falling.

Through the clouds,
sun shines.
Light is empty, yet
there it is, a beautiful rainbow; can you
find the pot of gold at the end?

If you are looking for a physical pot of gold, you
have forgotten that both sky and light are!
empty, yet, they
fill your eye!

Space is empty, yet
here we are, extensions
of the empty, appearing
as thought full.
Breath is the rainbow bridge, between
the empty, and the full.

Could “you” be
the pot of gold?
Are you still looking for
what you hold?

The atheist and the scientist will tell you,
there’s nothing there!
But here you are walking, talking, doing, and breathing

Every is
becomes an isn’t.
Every isn’t, becomes
an is, yet behind it all,

The rainbow bridge is what you are.
Only matter,
only emptiness, either alone
won’t take you far, for what is
the thought of driving,
less the car?

What is love, without
the breath?
What is sex, without
the steam?
What is a body, without
a dream?

You are the rainbow, and
the pot of gold.
The Universe is yours, to
have, and to hold.
Become the rainbow, forget about chasing
gold, and
you will never die, you will never
get old, for Spirit can’t be weighed, measured, bought,
nor sold.

You cannot weigh the beauty
of the day. The mind is a piper, you
cannot pay.

Enjoy the rainbow, for
it is the Universe breathing you, wanting
only to love, learn, grow and play.

Always remember, every night
gives birth to a new day.
That is
the rainbow way!
Enjoy your each, and
every day!

Love and chi,
Paul Chek