March 9, 2023

The Love Hormone With Dr. Nathan Riley

Dr. Nathan RileyOxytocin is one of the most beautiful chemicals the human body produces.

I call it beautiful because it’s all about LOVE, whether you’re cuddling with your partner or experiencing a deeper connection (awesome sex!).

The love hormone also plays a pivotal role during the process of childbirth, not only stimulating contractions but triggering what’s known as the fetal ejection reflex in which a baby is expelled from a Mom involuntarily and without any pushing.

In this week’s blog/vlog, our family’s very own OBGYN, Dr. Nathan Riley, joins me for a conversation about the amazing powers of oxytocin, the love hormone…


If you enjoy my conversation with Nathan and want to learn more about him, I recommend checking out his Beloved Holistics website and his brand new course on Natural Fertility now available at the CHEK Institute.

Love and chi,