June 18, 2012


Good Monday to ALL!

Well, the Swedish seminar tour is over and it was really great!

Eleiko did a great job of promoting it and we had an excellent turnout. Below you can see the ad Eleiko placed in a Swedish magazine, which I though was beautifully done.

There were many amazing and beautiful people at my workshops and I was glad I could share with them all. My second workshop on weight lifting technique and injury prevention included a couple hours of essential training on the “philosophy of weight lifting as a spiritual practice” ☺.

I don’t think they were expecting that, but I got a lot of very positive comments on the importance of this discussion from students that were in the class, and guests.

I saw a couple clients after the workshops were over in Sweden. Natalya Mammadova is one of Russia’s best volleyball players.

Sometimes I don’t enjoy working with elite athletes because they are like spoiled children that don’t want to do anything for themselves, nor take responsibility for what they are creating in their lives! Natalya was very cool!

Her manager, Boris, was also very cool and well educated to say the least. He’s been studying my work for many years, and like me, shares a real love of shamanism. He really enjoyed seeing how I processed Natalya. He had to translate for me because she doesn’t speak English very well and I don’t speak Russian very well at all.

I was able to determine what was bothering her fairly quickly and suggested some of the top Chek Practitioners for her to see in Sweden. I hoped to take her on as a client but Vidya told me I was booked solid until about 2057 and that if I did, I could kiss any rest days good bye!

Sorry Natalya, I know the people I referred you to will take good care of you!

The night before I left Sweden, we had a big dinner get-together at the Blomberg’s home. I was blessed to have an amazing dinner cooked by Gunnila with her sons Eric, Hans (and his wife Victoria), her beautiful, amazing daughter Madeleine, and their cousin Kristor.

Pappa Lennart Blomberg was visiting son Rickard at their Eleiko USA office and we all missed this amazing man at dinner.

After dinner, I did a numerology reading on us as a group. Our group master number was 4. I then selected Universal Principle (by Arnold Patent) number 4 to read. It was about the importance and offering of being IN THE NOW.

I read it to the group a couple times and then we all held hands and chanted “NOW, NOW, NOW!” until we harmonized. Then we all held hands and drew the initial mandala circle.

After that, we drew like bees making a hive for about 2 hours and this is what we created above. It was great fun and we all enjoyed the experience together.

I had a great stay with the Blomberg family as I always do. Thanks to you all and to Eleiko for a great trip! I love you all!

While out walking one day in Sweden, I saw this beautiful home from the trail I was walking along the beach near the Blomberg house.

Doesn’t it feel lovely there! I wanted to go lay in their yard and dream a while but I don’t know if I’d have made the Swedish people any more accepting of Americans if I’d have done that ☺.


Well, many of you know I’m pretty much burned out on traveling! My trip to London only reminded me of why!

Lufthansa airlines didn’t impress me AT ALL. I paid the big bucks for a business class seat on both legs of my trip and it was a total waste of money. The seats were identical to the economy seats and the service wasn’t much different either.

They lost my bag and I had to stay in the London airport filling out paperwork for some time and was afraid that my buddy Duncan Reeve would leave thinking I’d not made my flight. He was patient and waited until his tired and frustrated buddy came out..

This morning, my bag arrived with the support strap snapped off, but at least I got it!

I’m staying at the Royal Automobile Club in London, which is pretty cool overall. There is a decent gym, a big park near by, pretty good food so far, but a shower that won’t go cold! I love my cold showers.

Sadly, my room window faces A WALL! I get to look at concrete from my room window, which is sad because there is a beautiful park on the back side of the hotel. I tried to transfer rooms but they were sold out.

This kind of experience really kills my desire to travel. I’m getting very motivated to completely change my job description after so many years of this sort of silliness!

Oh well, hopefully the people that gain from my knowledge are appreciative of the hassles I put up with to educate them. It’s pretty hard for most people to imagine what it feels like to have lived on airplanes almost non stop for practically 20 years now.

Duncan Reeve has arranged for a massage for me today with Stuart Peach, another CHEK Practitioner, so that will help with the stress.

I’m excited to give my presentations on A Holistic approach to TMJ/D here tomorrow at the RAC. I’ll be delivering really important information that will save both patients, dentists and practitioners lots of grief when presented with challenging cases with these problems. See my blog post from Friday for more info.

I’m even more excited to get out into the English country side with my friends Gavin and Gabbi, our UK distributors.

I’ll be doing a couple workshops with them next weekend:

Swiss Ball Training – 23 June 2012 -10.15 to 19.15 

Scientific Stretching – 24 June 2012 -8.30 -18.00

Both days at The Royal Berkshire Health & Racquets Club, Bracknell

Well, that’s it for me.

I hope you all have a lovely day!
Love and chi,
Paul Chek