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January 16, 2017

The Ingredients of Your “self”

Happy Monday!

I imagine you are all back into the swing of things after the holiday period.

I’ve been very busy with multiple projects, including getting my CHEK 4 Quadrant Mastery Coaching lessons ready for the editors to do their magic with and load onto our online learning platform.

I’ve broken the larger lessons into smaller modules for easier comprehension and to make it easier to study online so you don’t have to sit for so long to get to a practical end point.

I’ve been progressing toward completion of my 2017 mandala too. Angie finished her mandala in one day! I’m just not nearly as efficient as her at most things, nor Penny, but I really appreciate and celebrate that.

Penny, Angie, Mana and I have been out bowling. We caught the bug at our C.H.E.K Institute Christmas party.

My first time out, I scored 107. My second time out, I had the bowling spirit with me and bowled 165.

The next time, I couldn’t find the bowling spirit and Angie beat me. I think I only got to about 100 or something.

Last night, the bowling spirit came to remind me that I can get help, and I bowled a 147.

Mana loves all the lights, people and action, and we all have a “ball,” so great fun all around.

In my blog today, I will share:
1. The Ingredients of Your “self”…
2. Show-N-Tell With Paul

The Ingredients of Your “self”

What is it that we refer to when we speak of our “self”?

Another common name for the “self” is ego.

In my vlog today, I look into some key issues of the “self,” and share some important concepts about what our individuality is made of.

I show that there is a commonality of what our bodies are made of, and even an archetypal commonality of what our minds are made of (or contain), yet there’s also an individual element to the “self” or ego.

In my presentation, I show how our beliefs about our “self” or ego — passed onto us largely by contorted religious ideas and scientific materialism — are now a threat to our own existence and the planet.

I give a small sampling of what I’ll be sharing on Jan. 25 via my C.H.E.K Institute webinar, titled “Take Back Your Health 2017!

In my webinar, I will share several of Noam Chomsky’s Principles For The Concentration Of Wealth and Power, as presented in his EXCELLENT documentary titled, Requiem For The American Dream.

It has been said that a little bit of nonsense repeated regularly for just 10 years can wipe out 100 years of truth.

I believe that is so. Yet, I’m also very aware that by the science of mind, if that is true, so it must also be true that a little bit of truth repeated regularly for just 10 years can wipe out 100 years of nonsense!

In my upcoming webinar on Jan. 25, I will share several principles regarding the concentration of wealth and power outlined by Chomsky (used to sustain and keep expanding the gap between the rich and poor), and show how we can use the same principles to create solidarity and fellowship among all people, for the collective benefit of both improving our own sustainability and that of Planet Earth.

I feel that we are all being presented with a great, ESSENTIAL opportunity to grow our consciousness base, I-centric and ethnocentric levels and develop worldcentric consciousness and awareness. This is awareness that we are not, and cannot be separate from the earth, nor each other, and that any such ideas are now very dangerous to us all and the planet as a collective.

If you are ready to be the change, come join me for a one-hour presentation with some Q and A at the end as time permits.

I won’t be asking you to make big sacrifices, but aim to inspire you to be aware and make any small change that you can do from your heart.

When we have enough people making small changes together for the common good, BIG things happen for the common good.

Be the change!


1. Requiem For The American Dream (Documentary) featuring Noam Chomsky (see Amazon link above).

2. How To Eat Move and Be Healthy – book

3. You Are What You Eat! – audio workbook

4. The Last 4 Doctors You’ll Ever Need – multimedia ebook

5. Holistic Lifestyle Coach 1 online or live

6. Nutrition the Dirt Facts – DVD

Show-N-Tell With Paul

Mana Bumi

If there is one thing a child can teach you, it is detachment from “things.”

My office isn’t set up as a place for a very active 10-month old, but I do love to bring him up here so Angie and I can paint and exercise together.

What have I learned so far?

  • Needless to say, I know that many of my gemstones do bounce when tossed onto a marble floor.
  • I know that my handmade ceremonial rattles do float and even play nicely when submerged in the fountain.
  • I know that the fire extinguisher is very cool to Mana.
  • I know that my prayer altar is not sacred to him, but is in fact, a treasure trove of amazing toys!
  • I know that a strong little boy can practically climb the wires hanging out of the back of my computer!
  • I have come to realize that the dirt in tree and plant pots, apparently, does not belong in the pots, but actually should be in the fountain and all over the floor.

Mana is a very busy little man. He loves to explore any environment.

In the short video above, you can see “Mana the bear” shaking my beautiful tree that I’ve raised from a little one for many years.

The pot and soil weighs a good 60 pounds (about 30 KGs). Although we didn’t catch him really showing off his Grizzly Bear powers with the whole pot tipping side-to-side, I think you’ll get an idea of what “Mana the bear” gets up to for fun!







Angie just did another photo shoot with Mana the other day. They both love dressing up and “being another” expression of themselves. Penny and I love the show, and so does Maggie (who is often a lead actress)!

When I look at these photos of Mana, I can’t help but imagine that, somewhere, there are photos of John Wayne (in black and white) that probably look much the same.

As soon as I finish my 2017 mandala, I’ll share both Angie’s and mine together.

If you created your 2017 mandala and would like to share it with me and Vidya, please email it (and anything you’d like to share about your process) at [email protected].

I hope you enjoyed my blog today, and I hope I get to share with you in my Jan. 25 C.H.E.K Institute webinar titled, “Take Back Your Health 2017!

Love and chi,
Paul Chek