March 26, 2014

The Face Of Beauty

Happy Wednesday to You!

I hope you week has been going well for you.

I also hope you enjoyed my vlog series on embracing the change process and that you feel supported.

The Face Of Beauty
Beauty Is Truth Smiling R Tagore
Today, my vlog centers around beauty.

I share a verse of poetry written by Rabindranath Tagore as quoted in Amit Goswami’s very excellent book, Quantum Creativity.

I highly recommend for those interested in a comprehensive expose on what creativity actually is, and how essential creativity is for our personal, professional, and spiritual growth.

Divine Mirror
Tagore says:
“Beauty is truth’s smile when she beholds her own face in a perfect mirror.”

The drawing above is one I created after having a deep meditation experience on the question, “Who am I?”

In my meditative vision, I found myself looking into a Divine Mirror of SELF. In that mirror, I saw myself being reflected back as an infinite collage of all things in and of nature, including all the elements, microorganisms, insects, plants, animals, people, and the cosmos itself.

I saw everything emerging out of the center of my being. I heard a myriad of sounds, like an orchestra playing in amazing harmony. I saw that fear and separation were illusions created by the ego as a means of enhancing the experience of individuality.

I saw that individuality was the essence of love; without a perceived sense of individuality, we have no capacity to create a subject-object orientation in our psyche, without which, there is no “other” to express love to, or receive love from.

In my video today, I encourage each of you to look at yourself in the Divine Mirror. I encourage you to find and feel your self-reflection.

I suggest asking yourself the following questions:

1. Do I love my self-creation or self-expression?

2. Do I have empathy and compassion for myself?

3. Can I look past my pain to see Wholeness – value in your life-expression?

My personal belief is that Good, Truth, and Beauty are archetypal expressions of Consciousness, and therefore, individual consciousness expressed in and as the soul.

From my many meditative and shamanistic experiences investigating such issues of self and SELF, I have come to appreciate that these archetypes are in each of us, serving as ideals, or natural expressions of Unconditional Love.

I feel that each of us is compelled to wake up each day and seek to recreate ourselves under the inspired impetus of such archetypes because they represent our potential.

When we love, or are inspired by someone we feel is good, beautiful, or true, we naturally seek to emulate and incorporate more of those qualities into our own self-representation.

Interestingly, if we go to those people that represent good, beauty, or truth to us, and ask them if they were inspired by others with these qualities, the answer is almost always “Yes”.

What we see then, is that there is a kind of leap-frogging going on, where each of us recognizes the elements of good, beauty and/or truth in those we resonate with, yet, those people also harmonize with others who are often more compatible with their mental, emotional, and spiritual development.

For example, I may be very inspired by the beauty of OSHO, but if I were to ask OSHO who’s good, beauty or truth inspired him, he may say something like Lao Tzu, or Buddha.

If we could ask Lao Tzu or Buddha who inspired them with these qualities, we’d be likely to hear the names of people we don’t know about, but would find that there is always someone in the world that inspires others in the world, regardless of their level of development.

The practice of self-reflection coupled with an open-mind and a willingness to grow, evolve, and become more aware of, and clear of who and what we are can inspire each of us to seek others we harmonize with.

Through an affinity for loving one’s self and growing, we become open to the wisdom and beauty of others who have traveled the roads we are traveling, and can give us guidance.

They can teach us how to be more efficient in creating and living our dreams. They can inspire us by showing us what it looks like to be more human.

I hope you enjoy my video today:

Those of you wanting to explore your inner-world further and cultivate your spiritual life may find the following resources I’ve created very helpful:

1. PPS Success Mastery Lesson 1

2. PPS Success Mastery Lesson 2

3. The Last 4 Doctor’s Audio companion for Dr. Quiet, which contains seven types of meditation I suggest for those with busy minds.

We all know what it means and feels like to be “in the groove”; it feels groovy!

Misty Paul and PJ Mexico

In the above photo, you can see myself and my son, Paul Chek Jr. in Mexico visiting Misty Tripoli, the founder of THEGROOVE method of dance and movement education.

Misty has been a friend of mine for many years. We both traveled the lecture circuit worldwide, seeing each other on the go all over the place. I have always been amazed at Misty’s incredible grace, flow, and almost unlimited capacity to express her inner-world through dance movement.

Misty is very much a mystic. In many ways, Misty is very “OSHO-like”, expressing and encouraging raw, unedited individuality.

She gives her students an opportunity, and the inspiration to truly let go of their socially programmed mind with all its constant self-judgment and fears and enter the world of unbound freedom and flow.

In that space of unbound, playful self-expression, Misty’s students often find their authentic nature, their spirit, their playfulness.

I love supporting Misty’s approach to dance-freedom because it teaches people how to develop a loving, natural relationship with themselves, to gain confidence in honest self-expression.

They learn how to have a  spiritual experience anywhere, anytime, and that is something the world population needs very much today.

Misty Dancing Fans Mexico
When I was visiting with Misty in Tulum, Mexico a couple years ago, I had the great pleasure of watching her dance and express herself spontaneously. I took this photo of her dancing with her beautiful fans.

If you want to learn to find, and stay in your groove, then THE GROOVE workshop in Carlsbad CA on Friday, March 28th below may be just what the doctor ordered!

SD Community GROOVE

Love and chi,
Paul Chek