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July 17, 2012


Happy Tuesday to You!

I hope Monday was a beautiful, productive start to your week.

There are certainly days we all feel tired, stressed, and unsure of the purpose of life. When such feelings arise, I like to chant to myself (preferably aloud, but of others are around and it isn’t appropriate, then I do it inside):

I am One with The Universe – I sense my purpose effortlessly.”

I find that when I do that for even a few minutes, I’m able to gain clarity and restore my sense of direction in my own life.

I suspect that most of you have experienced an authentic sense of overwhelm with all the things that need to be done some days, and all the people that seem to want or need something from you.

This is the time when we need to check in with our Higher-Self to reestablish clear compass bearings. When we do that, it helps us harmonize with our own core-values.

This gives us clarity as to when to say “no” in relationships so that we can take responsibility for our own internal energy state.

If we don’t do something to regroup and redirect ourselves, in time, we can come to a dangerous place where our sense of self-worth is not based on who we really are, but by what we do for others.

This is the formula for entangled relationships!


Yesterday was our day off from CHEK Level 4. We typically go for four days and then I give the students a day of rest.

There is a lot of new information being presented to them and I find that if they have a day to relax their minds, they learn much more effectively.

I hope my students took advantage of the day off and enjoyed beautiful Southern California; most of my students are from England in this group so they probably really enjoy the warmth and the sun.

Vidya and I took the day off too. We have both been working very hard for a while now and really welcomed a day to do nothing!

I began my day by writing up the blog you saw yesterday. Then I headed to Encinitas to see Wes Boyce for a massage and a steam. When I left the Massage Center in Encinitas, I felt like a new man!

My body was free from restrictions and my inner-body felt much cleaner after a good deep steam bath.

I met Vidya at home and we fasted for the day and used a special tea I make that reduces the urge to eat and gives a beautiful grounding experience, making it easy to calm, rest, and sleep.

As we settled into our rest day, we both had the urge to draw, which is something we both love to do.

I love dragons and dragon mythology. As I was sitting at my chair waiting for a vision to draw, a gust of wind came through the house and blew my Chinese dragon painting off of my hammer dulcimer where I’d placed it until I could find the appropriate place to hang it.

It blew from the healing room right into the kitchen and stopped on the floor right next to me. I saw that as a sign of inspiration and let it be my muse for my own artistic expression of The Dragon.

I named my drawing The Dragon of self.

The “Dragon of self” represents the human ego. By definition, ego means boarder, barrier, or self-definition.

Wherever there is a “self”, the self must be maintained.

That means that we must consume the air, nutrients/food, water, and create the warmth within that is necessary to maintain our physical self. We must also feed on the emotions and thoughts that we choose to recreate our self from.

The self is like the dragon in that it is mystical and magical. We can choose to be a loving dragon, a controlling dragon, an impatient dragon, a wise dragon, a loving dragon, or a combination of all kinds of dragons on any given day.

Baby dragons have to learn that they become what they consume!

When baby dragons (unconscious dragons) consume poor quality food, don’t drink enough water, don’t give themselves enough rest or play, their dragon body begins to feel tired and achy. As this occurs, the dragons capacity to do magic in the world diminishes.

When dragons consume too much negative energy from their environment, they end up spreading that negativity around, often unaware that Love is a Boomerang and what you consume typically becomes what you attach to your Love Boomerang when you express yourself inwardly or outwardly in relationship to other people, places and things.

When dragons mature, they become aware that they are powered by Unconditional Love (UCL). They realize that they create conditions so that they can experience the powers given to them by UCL. They soon learn that UCL will FULLY support any experience they desire to have, be it anger, joy, frustration, fear, peace, abundance, or otherwise!

Dragons learn how to better create conditions of Love by nourishing themselves with their own love and the love of other dragons that exemplify a life that they choose to experience for themselves.

The budding dragon is given the gift of pain as an inner-guidance system. If a dragon flies too close to a sharp object, or is disrespectful of a short-tempered or busy dragon, pain is often experienced as a means of improved “awareness and redirection.”

Dragons don’t typically medicate their pain. The wiser dragons teach the sleepy dragons and young dragons how to use their magical powers, all of which are powered by UCL.

In time, the little dragons and sleepy dragons awaken to the myriad of great and amazing possibilities to create their dreams. They learn not to eat anything that isn’t congruent with the dream they’ve chosen to create; their dream is always represented in the values they choose to live.

My Dragon of self is my reminder to “my self” to take responsibility for my creative powers and to be honest with myself when I am creating conditions that don’t match my dream.

I would love to see what your dragon looks like! If you create your dragon and want to share it with the rest of us on the blog, I’d love to see your dragon with up to a one page explanation as to what your dragon means and symbolizes in your life.

Vidya created this beautiful flower as I was working on my dragon. This is what Vidya has to share with you about her beautiful flower:

Paul and I have been experiencing some challenges of late – mostly because neither of us have had the time and space to share with each other due to our busy work schedules. And all work and no play makes me an unhappy woman.

So yesterday was a healing day where we could sit in the quiet daylight and gaze at nature, create art and be at peace with no agendas! I love days like this!

The hawks were circling in the thermals above, the soft breeze from the ocean created a wonderful counter balance for the heat of the sun. My right brain needs and thrives with days like this away from the computer and paperwork details; needs of others.

I wanted to transform some of my own fiery yang energy. Although my drawing is incomplete, my soul guided me to reflect that the power of yin (the Goddess of Yin) absorbs and transforms yang into higher consciousness, especially when we are present enough to allow the process and give ourselves to the restorative power that yin collects.

Gratefully, this is exactly what transpired, ahhhhhhhh. And so it is. Now I can bring some yin energy with me into work today, much more balanced, harmonized and fulfilled. ~*~

I’m excited to begin teaching my Chek Level 4 students today.

We are finished with our Nonviolent communications training and my mother Meera returned home yesterday. Now will get deep into assessment and healing of the body-mind-spirit construct.

Enjoy your day!

Love and chi,
Paul Chek