January 10, 2014

The Danger Of Talking About Emptiness

Happy Friday!

Today is zen In The Garden day for us here at the Heaven House. Its a glorious morning and the promise of the day is sure to deliver.

As you read this, I’m probably outside having a great time with my students learning to find the stillness inside ourselves.

There is a magical Stillness within each and all. The paradox of this Divine Stillness is that it speaks, it listens, it sees, and it knows. Indeed, the voice of Divine Stillness with each and all is what is referred to as “the soul”.

The soul is what sees and inherently knows what love is, and what love does. The soul is what informs you when you are acting against the Truth of yourself.

The soul is that part of you that knows the Truth of you, and therefore, can inform you of the Truth of yourself, which it does whenever we act unnaturally with respect to life itself. Today, I will introduce my students to their inner-voice, their inner-light, and the source of their inner-wisdom.

I love using rockwork to help people develop a relationship with their soul and the guidance it always offers when we are listening because there is nothing to fear if you make a mistake with a stack of rocks.

If you ability to listen to inner-guidance is clouded by the intellectual mind, your rock stack reflects that back to you in and as instability, mirroring your patience, presence and actions back to you. If it falls over, well, it’s just rock and no harm done.

As we learn to use the meaningless tasks such as rock stacking, or creating art, or asking our souls to help us choose the best restaurant for our needs, we gain the confidence that we are listening, and can hear.

We become brave enough to trust our inner-voice with progressively more meaningful decisions. In time, we come to realize that for the majority of our lives, we’d over-invested in the intellectual mind; we’ve let ideas become our truth, often without ever questioning ourselves as to their truth.

This brings us to our vlog and video topic for today:

The Danger Of Talking About Emptiness

Emptiness is a code word for “GOD” or “Great Spirit”.

“GOD” signifies the ABSOLUTE, the source of ALL. THE ABSOLUTE can’t be known as this or that, for these are relative terms. “God” is a relative term, as evidenced by the fact that the “God” of Christianity, Islam, Judaism, the “God” of any religion that uses the “word”…is different.

One man’s sins (such as multiple wives) is not another man’s sins under a different “God”. These “Gods” become individual deities. No individual deity that excludes other deities can be representative of GOD, or PRIME SOURCE.

The Burning Truth
Mistaking words for gospel and assuming that because you can repeat the words you are having the experience; I can say the Christian words, therefore, I’m living as a Christian.

All such words as “God wants”, “God will do this or that to you”, are all misappropriations that are antagonistic to what the word “GOD” really means. GOD is UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.

Therefore, no “condition” can adequately explain GOD because all words create exclusions; GOD (or Jesus) is a white man excludes the fact that GOD is equally present in all beings, of all sizes, shapes and colors.

Learning to experience GOD is not an intellectual process. It is a process of inner-feeling, inner-seeing, inner-presence, being. Our history is one in which religions (particularly Catholic) have a long history of torturing and killing those who’s enlightenment was such that they realized the truth of themselves, and shared that truth with others.

In his excellent audiobook titled “GOD”, Deepak Chopra does a fantastic job telling us of the historical record regarding many saints and sages that came to the same “unspeakable” truth – we are all One, and were often tortured and killed for sharing their truth.

This is a very good audio book for anyone who believes their religion is “the right religion”, or that the other religions are less than theirs.

Deepak does a very good job (as usual) being a great vessel of spiritual truth and shares a very holistic view of GOD. I highly recommend this book to any true seeker.

Divine Eye
It is said that whenever someone would ask St. Francis of Assisi the question, “What is God?”, he would give this answer:

“What you are looking for, is what’s looking.”

I personally feel that anyone who honestly meditates on this profound truth will come to an unquestionable experience of inner-knowing, for if GOD is GOD, it can be no other way.

If you have a hard time reading the “GOD” word, feel free to replace it with “Zero Point Field”; as Rumi said,

“Beyond judgment, there’s a field. I’ll meet you there.”

This is the GOD I’m referring to in all my teachings, not “God”, for that is the orgasm we keep teaching our kids to read about well before they have any concept of an orgasm.

The sad part for me is that they believe that stuff, and are likely to be very afraid of “The Orgasm” the rest of their life…

I’ve seen it in my patients countless times, and this is a common source of disease.

In my vlog today, I share my thoughts and feelings as to how we can become more present and aware of what GOD (EMPTINESS) is.

I hope you enjoy it!

Have a great weekend!
Love and chi,
Paul Chek