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April 6, 2021

The Danger of Losing Your Self

The Danger of Losing Your SelfBefore I start this blog/vlog, get your notepad and pens and BUCKLE UP! This is going to be a ride…

This week’s topic — the risks of losing your Self — reflects what really concerns me RIGHT NOW in human history.

My dream is to help you better understand what the Self is and why you should be paying much closer to attention to it, so you’ll begin to look at things — like where you send your money — with a clearer, more critical eye.

Typically, the word Self means you. The word Self as Carl Jung, Rudolf Steiner and many others have used over the years means all that supports you in being you.

What supports you in this world is some combination of family, tribe, society and culture.

Our family is often that first group of people we turn to for support, especially when we’re in a crisis. But, for a lot of us, we don’t always get that support, which means we need to look to an extended family known as our tribe, not only to help us but to evolve and begin to recognize the natural abilities we have.

Then, society comes into play which helps us understand the bigger infrastructures of life that move people from place-to-place, enact laws and provide comprehensive health, food and energy supply systems.

Culture helps us define who we are depending on where we live in the world, and in many ways differentiates us from people living in other parts of the globe. It also offers society, tribes and families so many more opportunities, technologies and minds to work with too.

Getting back to Self, these four support systems have one too which is the Earth itself.

The Danger of Losing Your Self

From there, I’ll take you on a journey into alchemy, a subject lots of people get confused about. Alchemists look at everything in nature as an expression of a frequency range (earth, water, fire and air).

I’ll show you how these elements relate to the structure stages of consciousness and why it’s so important not to lose touch with any of them (yet so many of us already have!).

When so many people worship ideas above and beyond the necessities of life that are keeping all of us alive, you get science without a moral foundation and massive corporations using this planet all of us live on to harm our collective health, all for the sake of money…

If you think I’m exaggerating about the heavy price our planet is paying at the expense of greedy corporations, I encourage you to read two-time Pulitzer Prize winner Edward O. Wilson’s book, The Future of Life. Nearly two decades ago, Wilson already understood that the health of our planet was skating on thin ice.

We’ve got to turn our planet around, and there’s been plenty of warning signs out there about what we need to do.

Love and chi,