January 19, 2012


Blessed Thursday and a Joyous Weekend to You!

I had a beautiful, productive day of interviews, coaching and a client book editing project yesterday.

I began my day with a tai-chi sun meditation; that always fills me with healing chi that helps me better manage myself throughout the day.

After I got my blog written, I headed to the gym for a lovely workout of heavy lunging and 2 ball forward ball rolls.

After work, I went home and instead of doing tai-chi as the sun set, I continued working on my new rock project and stayed with it until I couldn’t see due to darkness.

I then went inside, built a beautiful fire in the fireplace, and got to work on my most recent art project.

Later, when Penny came home, I celebrated her arrival by giving her a few big kisses and a long hug.

Later in the evening, I enjoyed a superb Vidya made dinner!

I headed to bed at 9:30pm and enjoyed a series of lucid dreams; I was visiting all my friends in dream-world!I love it there!

Today, I got up nice and early this morning and came to work to an ice-box of an office; it’s been just above freezing here the past several mornings and the heater in my office isn’t strong enough to keep the office warm.

I think it’s kind of fun because it gives me reason to wear my mother’s beautifully hand knitted sweater and my amazing scarf my buddy Csaba Lucas gave to me; the scarf was hand made by a Hungarian woman and it’s amazingly beautiful and functional. Thanks again Csaba!


Last spring, Producer David Scharps and his film crew came to my house to film me for his documentary movie about how we all have the power to heal and create the life we truly want.


David is a very loving, passionate man who reached a point in his life where he felt inspired to truly give something beautiful to humanity.


He decided to interview highly respected and recognized experts from many fields of expertise related to health and wellness.


I was blessed to be one of the people he chose for the film.

As you can imagine, I’ve been part of a number of films over the years.

I don’t typically get very excited because often times, people come to film me in hopes that my words will support their agenda.

Because I have a no BS, tell it like it is as I know it to be policy as a core value, when I inform people of such things as the dangers of eating a vegan, vegetarian, or raw food diet, editors often surgically extract anything I say that doesn’t fit their chosen dogma!

David was not only congruent with the message I shared, he did an OUTSTANDING job of interviewing and filming many of the most well-respected, accomplished researchers, spiritual teachers, scientists, doctors and produced an awe inspiring program for You!

This program gives you a variety of up-to-date information on nutrition, genetics, how the mind works to create your reality, new research on the heart-brain connection, and deep spiritual truths.

The program includes a lot of excellent information from Bruce Lipton, a true pioneer in the field of epigenetics.

He explains how much of the modern medical hype about genes being responsible for what ails you is actually based on a faulty, incomplete model of how the genome actually works!

Bruce Lipton is world-recognized and respected for his pioneering work in epigenetics and his information is riveting. His message will truly empower and inform you.

Dr. Bernie Siegel does an outstanding job of sharing his experience with how our thoughts influence our reality.

His wisdom and presence are that of both a wise Medicine Man and Chief. You can palpably feel his genuine message and presence, and it is truly beautiful to witness and be present with.

There are other excellent experts that you’ll hear from in the film, such as Marianne Williamson, Greg Braden, Tony Horton, and others.

David includes very inspiring, rarely ever seen video footage of one of my personal heroes, Napoleon Hill, author of the world famous book Think and Grow Rich.



I’ve studied Dr. Hill’s work extensively throughout my professional life. In fact, I recently finished a review of one of his audio lecture series.

Even though I’ve studied him for hundreds of hours, I still came away with pages of notes on how I could create my dreams and run my businesses more effectively.

If you’ve never seen Dr. Hill on video, the DVD is worth it to see and feel the presence of this truly amazing human and spiritual being.

All the participants in the film are excellent, making beautiful, thoughtful and honest contributions.

I share a few key points in the program, but my major contribution is available to you in the introductory package outlined below.

I offered David my multimedia eBook, The Last 4 Doctors You’ll Ever Need – How To Get Healthy Now!

We just recently revised and updated my multimedia e-Book, which is designed to run beautifully on Acrobat reader, which allows seamless interaction with the videos, audios and slides, and it can be read as a PDF on most any computer and book reader.

Additionally, David asked me if there was anything else I’d like to offer for the program, so I suggested he film me sharing my Ten Essential Tips For Optimal Nutrition.

David and his videographer Chris came to my office and we created a very clean, easy to follow program that allows anyone, even children to learn what factors must be incorporated into a person’s food choices if health and well-being are to be a reality in your life.

This is not an academic, “heady” nutrition lecture. It is down ‘n’ dirty, “dirt-facts” nutrition tips that you can apply immediately.

This film is very important to me because we are surrounded by unhealthy, out of shape, overweight nutrition experts worldwide and I wanted to share the essentials that the experts seem so willing to overlook!

The program is about 50:00 long and is easy to watch, unless you don’t like looking at a healthy, fit bald man, and is ONLY being offered through the purchase of the film presently.

Additionally, the cinematography in the film is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!

The Cure Is U is world class in presentation quality with beautiful visuals that make the learning experience rich and juicy!

There are real, live cases of people who’ve recovered from life threatening diseases and their stories brought tears to my eyes.

I am inspired with the power of the human soul to overcome obstacles in life and turn them into gems of healing and wisdom that all can be motivated and inspired by.

I’m very excited to be able to announce the release of this beautiful program and can’t encourage you enough to get it and feel the amazing power of healing available to all of us through the effective use of our hearts and minds.

I look forward to your feedback!

You can order this amazing program by clicking this link: www.cureisu.com

I have left a comprehensive product description below for those of you that would like to learn more about this amazing offer.

Have a beautiful weekend!

Love and chi,
Paul Chek

PS: I’ll be leaving this blog up until Monday because it’s important to me that as many of you as possible read this message and take advantage of the amazing opportunity for healing and self-growth I share with The Cure Is U DVD and special program package (see below).

There are two options when purchasing the film:

Option 1: The Transformational Package: $29.95

• The Cure is U film

Learn how your thoughts either create your wellness or disease. Become empowered to change the way you think and see the world to regain control of your health and wellbeing.

• The Cure is U rewired and Inspired Workbook:

In this detailed workbook you will determine what beliefs are holding you back, assist you in rewriting your limiting beliefs, and create your own personal powerful affirmations for living vibrantly.

Use this workbook as your daily guide to rewire your mind to “expect instead of doubt.” This workbook will remove your limiting thoughts and replace them with thoughts of expansion and winning and help you to create your own personal document for living an empowered life.

• The ten most powerful Affirmations for Life Transformation

Listen to ten of the most powerful life changing affirmations to support you in achieving anything. Created by The Cure is U team and recorded by a powerful influential voice, these affirmations will enable you to achieve whatever you decide is important to you.

• My The Last Four Doctors You Will Ever Need – How To Get Healthy Now! my multimedia eBook

The Last 4 Doctors you’ll Ever Need is an eBook about hope. It’s an honest, down-to-earth exploration of your current physical and emotional state, with real, workable action plans designed to vastly improve your overall health and well-being.

Learn to explore, understand, and create core values for yourself through my unique 4-Doctor (Dr. Quiet, Dr. Diet, Dr. Movement and Dr. Happiness) living philosophy.

My highly practical, well illustrated, multimedia eBook is complete with video demonstrations of simple healing exercises, audio explanations, and workbook space – and it is a fun and easy way to learn about yourself and how you can create and live your dreams!

Learn to finally take control of your own health and become unified with the last 4 Doctors you’ll ever need!

• My Ten Principles of Nutrition Video:

In this DVD, you will learn the foundational principles of nutrition provided in 10 easy steps.

The principles will assist you in avoiding the common traps that create the environment for body shape challenges, fatigue, a weakened immune system and disease.

These are critical steps in achieving total wellness through nutrition. This program is highly practical and can even be understood and applied by children!

• Visual Affirmative Transformation Journeys

These Visual Affirmative journeys by renowned outdoor cinematographer, David Fortney and the Cure is u team will turbo change your life. Three visual transformative short films on Love, Empowerment and Forgiveness will forever change the way you experience life. Each short film will take you on a journey of self-discovery while instilling some the most profound wellness concepts that will reprogram the way you experience life. These films will assist you in living a life of happiness, joy, love and empower you to achieve whatever it is you desire out of life.

Option #2: The Cure is!. DVD and Three Life changing visual thought journeys: $19.95

In the DVD you’ll discover:

How do your thoughts and unresolved emotions affect your health?

Can they literally create disease, even cancer?

Do we hold the key to our health and well-being?

Doctors, scientists, researchers and health experts are now recognizing that our thinking may be one of the most significant aspects to our overall wellbeing. We now know that our body releases chemicals that either support our health or healing or can destroy it, all based upon what we think and feel.

Experts are examining how our thoughts communicate with from our heart to our brain which then releases chemicals that either keeps us in health or breaks down our immune system and allows for disease. This profound finding has brought forth a new relationship — that how we feel, our emotions, may be the most overlooked aspect to our health.

You will learn:

• How your thoughts either release healing body chemistry that support your growth or literally release harmful chemicals that create the environment for and create disease
• What role unresolved emotions such as unresolved hurt and anger play in our health
• The powerful role of forgiveness in curing disease
• How our perceptions determine everything including how we feel
• How our beliefs create our perceptions and can be changed in an instant
• What powerful tools that can change the way you think immediately
• How cancer is being cured by resolving long term harmful emotions such as resentment
• The power of nutrition in curing disease
• How exercise maybe one of the most powerful forces in assisting the healing process
• How people are overcoming death sentences as prescribed by doctors and living years later to tell about it.

To buy, either of these packages please go to the website: www.TheCureIs.com