May 18, 2015

The AB Clock Exercise

Happy Monday!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend. I did! It was awesome.

In my video blog today, I’ll be sharing:
– “The Ab Clock” exercise
– News from recent CHEK Institute Courses
– Some of my recent stone stacking art
– Recent paintings we’ve created in Heaven

The AB Clock Exercise

My video blog today (vlog) is on “The Ab Clock”, which is an exercise I developed many years ago to create multidimensional core conditioning.

People at large have a tendency to use short, isolated movements to condition their abs without realizing that shortening the abs under load often leads to poor (forward head) posture.

In my vlog today, I show you how to set up, breathe, warm-up, and perform the Ab Clock exercise. I also share some precautions that all should consider before doing this exercise.

The core (which includes everything that is left of you without arms or legs) is where movement emanates from.

The science of core conditioning is still very under appreciated in the professional and exercise arenas, and even more under appreciated by the public.

As a therapist, I’ve spent a lot of the last 32 years at work rehabilitating people that got back, hip, knee and shoulder injuries because their core was dysfunctional.

Many of these patients had seen multiple doctors and therapists, and had many surgeries for the same problems, or re-occurrences of the same problem.

I remember having a professional football player sent to me. He had chronic knee pain, and after five surgeries on the same knee, there wasn’t much left to cut out…

He didn’t realize he had digestive disorders and inflammation in his organs shutting down his core muscles for many years.

Neither he, nor the doctors and therapists were aware of the poor choice in conditioning exercises he’d been given over the years, nor that he had internal challenges weakening core muscle recruitment.

When an organ is inflamed, surrounding muscles are inhibited, allowing more room for the swollen organ(s) to expand; this, and much more are well explained in my book, “How To Eat, Move and Be Healthy!

I explained my findings to him, and showed him anatomy charts and diagrams showing how the nervous system works.

We worked a few weeks on healing his organs and getting his core muscles working properly with the right exercises for his individual needs, and soon “his knee pain was gone”.

Sadly, he realized he’d had 5 knee surgeries for the wrong reasons.

If you want to learn how to master testing, corrective exercise, and high-performance core conditioning, my correspondence course titled “Scientific Core Conditioning” is the most comprehensive, complete program of its type.

Between my courses titled, “Scientific Back Training”, and “Scientific Core Conditioning”, you can go from being a back injury to being a back (and core) expert in just a few months of study and practice.

1. How To Eat, Move and Be Healthy! – Book
2. Scientific Core Conditioning DVD/Correspondence Course  *Also available in e-learning format
3. Scientific Back Training DVD/Correspondence Course  *Also available in e-learning format

I hope you enjoy my vlog today:

Recent CHEK Course Completions

HLC2 Review Workshop for 2nd Year CHEK Academy Students

This weekend, Angie Lustrick (CHEK HLC 1 &2 Instructor, Nutritionist, shaman) conducted a review workshop for our second year students in Oceanside, CA.

I don’t often get a chance to visit CHEK Academy workshops (which are held all over the world) due to my own schedule and travel. I couldn’t resist visiting the class, meeting the students and having a little fun with them.

I get really excited about the CHEK Academy program because it really allows our students the support they need to master Holistic Health.

Not only do they get to master corrective and high-performance exercise, they learn to integrate exercise into a holistic lifestyle process.

This way, each client they see is being coached by a master that apprenticed with masters. I’ve had nothing but fantastic feedback from the CHEK Academy students.

They all feel like they are learning a tremendous amount, and that they can apply the teachings much more effectively with the support of their instructors and mentors.

Gavin Jennings is the Director of the CHEK Academy program and runs CHEK Europe. Gavin tested the program for two years in Europe before we extended the model to include Australia and the US.

We are really excited with how the program is working worldwide, and can’t encourage students enough to consider this path to mastery.

Since the CHEK program is multidisciplinary, there is awareness of, and work for CHEK Institute graduates in many branches of medicine, physical therapy, general exercise training, professional sports, spas, and much more.

Many of our students have started their own facilities worldwide, and really enjoy their work each day knowing that they truly help their clients succeed to resolve most of their issues and achieve their dreams.

CA Yr 2 Class AL PC

I asked Angie to share a little write-up of her experience teaching the class, and this is what Angie shared:

This last weekend I instructed the first U.S. HLC 2 Review workshop for our 2nd year Academy students.

As some of you may know, the CHEK Academy originated in Europe, under the direction of Gavin Jennings, and has been very successful in helping students complete all the Holistic Lifestyle Coaching courses as well as Exercise Coach and all the way up to CHEK Practitioner, level 4.

The Academy provides a structured sequence of how to navigate through all the courses provided by The CHEK Institute. The Academy also provides workshops after each course and assigns the students a mentor to answer their questions as they start to implement the teachings in their own private practice. I am excited to be part of this amazing program that is now being offered here in the States.

One the first day we reviewed what was learned in the 5–day HLC2 course. Students had the opportunity to review their own client cases and get guidance on how to implement the 10 Step CHEK System into their programs.

We also reviewed all the questionnaires, tai chi practices, dowsing, muscle testing, 4 doctor songs, and worked on breaking down a case together.

This class was unique because we had our first virtual student in the class. Sofia Beloka from Greece attended both days via Skype.

Sofia Beloka CA on web
Above you can see a picture of her “sitting” in class. I really admire Sofia’s dedication to the CHEK program. Because of the time difference, Sophia was in class till 3 am! She said she was able to do it because she was living a holistic lifestyle with good 4 Doctor management in her daily life!

On the second day, we practiced public speaking so that the students felt comfortable presenting in their communities. Here are a few pics of them showing off their skills.



This day gave them the confidence they needed to go out to the public and share what they have learned so far through the CHEK Academy.

At the end of day 2, Paul Chek showed up to greet the students and to answer any questions they still might have had.


Paul shared with them a powerful shamanic exercise to help them deal with the biggest issue they were struggling with in their lives that might be holding them back in some way.

If you haven’t had a chance to check out the details of the Academy, you can read more about it here:

Hope to see you in class!

HLC1 With Jator Pierre in Denver


Congratulations to all of our newest HLC 1 Graduates! Welcome to the CHEK Holistic Health Family!

What I Have Been Up To Lately

As you’ve probably noticed from recent blogs, I was away teaching in Australia for a month, and have been home for the past two weeks. I took some time off to recover from the trip and relax after an intense period of work.

My garden is my power spot. It is the place I feel the most connected to life, nature, and can listen to my inner-voice (soul) most easily.

I like active meditation, and to stack stones (by balancing them without any binders), I have to become one with the environment and the stones I’m working with.

One quickly learns in a rock garden that what you create, mirrors your mental-emotional state (stability or lack thereof) back to you; if you were present, your stack will be present for some time to come, even in the winds and rain; if you were not present, it may fall down before you walk away…

Paul tall stack Vista-1

In the photo above, you can see the stacks I recently did some work on…

The stack closest to you was how I warmed up for the much more delicate process of adding to the top of the other two stacks. It is about nine feet tall, and was a lovely workout.

It had rained all night, so the ground was lovely to walk on; but I found out quickly I had to be careful because I was falling into ground squirrel tunnels as was walking….

While I was away, wind, birds, and other crawling creatures knocked of the top stones of the two tall stacks you can see in the photo.

I was feeling great after getting a massage from Wes Boyce (Encinitas Massage Center), so I decided to get out my ladder and see what I could do to “liven them up a bit”…

I was able to extend each stack by three stones before I feared they would become too unstable.

Rory and Paul Lunch-1
My buddy Rory has been taking a break from work with me and we’ve enjoyed preparing a little food for ourselves. Neither of us are too attracted to cooking, but when we are alone, we make a good time out of it.

Today, we had pan fried of some vegetables, a little turkey sausage, a couple eggs each thrown on top, and some salad greens. We felt fantastic after our little feast!

Thanks Rory! When you are done with pro sports, there’s room for you in the kitchen Bud.

When Rory arrived, Angie and I decided to give him a tuneup! We cleared his auric field using our shaman rattles. When we finished Rory said he felt a river of smooth energy flowing through his nervous system and felt greatly restored.

Mail Attachment

Art From Heaven

During a deep meditation recently, I was working with the question, “How Does GOD create every-thing from no-thing?” My soul began to give me a series of images. I tried to capture the essence of what I was shown in this painting.

Rainbow Life PC acrylic-1

Inside the white circle represents the emptiness of ZERO (Unconditional Love). I was shown that what we generally refer to as “God” is “The Dreamer” and the dream is constantly creating itself in the NOW.

I saw spirits emerging from the emptiness of The Absolute Tao, like fire flairs coming off a burning cinder. As each spirit emerged, it progressively “clothed itself” in layers of vibration.

Each step of the way, The Dream of Great Spirit became progressively more manifest in the physical elements (just as you and I are now). I

saw that time – as we know it – is an illusion, and that everything in the Universe is occurring both at once, and ALL WAYS, ETERNALLY.

I experienced wholeness individuating into beings (in and as nature) and the dissolving of individuation back into wholeness as a perpetual, Self-sustaining process – THE DREAM.

I hope you enjoy sharing my experience as you look at my painting of it.

AL PC Flower acrylic
Angie Lustrick and I love to paint together whenever we can find time to. Since we both had time off together after our trip to Australia, we got together recently and painted whatever wanted out of us.

In the painting above, you can see our flower, which symbolizes life becoming death and death feeding life. It was easy and fun!

Thanks for sharing with me Angie! I love painting with you and am always amazed at what we create.

Well, that brings you up to date I my life.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the blog today, and I look forward to sharing more with you soon.

Love and chi,
Paul Chek