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  • God Gave Me Quiet & The Fires of Heaven!

    Beautiful Monday to you! There are times we feel we need to be alone to find our happiness. It seems that even the unemployed are “busy” today. It is easy to “externalize yourself” through constant texting, messaging, emails, phone calls, […]

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  • Your 3 Choices (Pt. 1) – Show-n-tell From Heaven

    Happy Monday to ALL! What are you doing with your 3 choices? Are you creating the life you want day by day? Are you making choices that are logical, practical, and nourish your emotional needs? Or are you repeatedly stepping […]

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  • Balancing Mind and Emotions (Pt. 1)

    Happy Monday to You! I hope your weekend was restful and fulfilling. I had a fantastic, but busy week and weekend coaching clients and attending business meetings. My work continued with Jason over three days; I posted some photos on […]

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  • Zen in the Garden Highlights

    Happy Monday to You! I hope you all had a fantastic weekend! We had an absolutely amazing time this Saturday with all the students at our zen In The Garden workshop. Water Theme Our theme for this workshop was water. […]

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  • Transforming Challenges into Successes!

    Happy Thursday to You! I hope you are enjoying my series on change and the process of personal, professional and spiritual transformation. I had a very busy, but beautiful day yesterday. I had the joy of coaching clients, creating my […]

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  • The Cure Is You!

    The Cure Is You!

    Happy Friday to you! I had a great day yesterday. I was very busy with blog writing, doing my most recent Google Hang out, and seeing a client. That kept me busy until late, but I had a great day […]

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