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  • Core Values (Pt.4): Needs Before Wants & Cold Water Therapy

    Happy Thursday! Core values are our personal code of conduct. One’s core values are not core values when imposed upon us by others. You will know when your stated or unstated core values are not aligned with your needs because […]

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  • Obama – President or Puppet?!

    Happy Friday to You! Welcome to Friday and hopefully the end of your workweek and the beginning of a weekend of joyous rest and play. My day was full yesterday. I didn’t have time to work-out, so I devoted myself […]

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  • Clouds Block Sun View

    Clouds Block Sun View

    Happy Wednesday! I’m having a great day! I hope you are too 🙂 Today I’m working on creating a water-charger for one of my clients. It’s quite a project so I’ll share more about that tomorrow. Please enjoy my Tao-Te-zen […]

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  • The Earth Awakens!

    Happy Friday from Heaven! I’ve been very busy with clients all week here in Heaven. I hope you enjoyed the Tao-te-zen sutra Vidya posted for my blog yesterday. I love the outdoors and I love to share with my clients. […]

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  • Relationships Help Ones Become Zeros

    Relationships Help Ones Become Zeros

    Happy Day to ALL, I’m off for massage and some R&R today after a very busy week. Tomorrow is our zen In the Garden event and I’m really excited and looking forward to sharing with the students to increase awareness, […]

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  • Be Careful Where White and Red Get Together

    Be Careful Where White and Red Get Together

    Happy Friday! Its been a busy day with morning business meetings and a drive back to my office in Heaven. Once I’m here its hard for me to leave! I thought that you might enjoy my Tao-Te-zen sutra, “Be Careful […]

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