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  • zen In The Garden Highlights!

    Happy Monday! I hope you all had a joyous weekend fulfilling your dreams. I had a fantastic time at my zen In The Garden workshop Friday, which I’ll share the highlights of below. (NOTE: You can enlarge any image by […]

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  • Setting Our Intention for The New Year in 2014!

    Happy Monday! I hope you all had a lovely Holiday Season. The New Year is upon us, and from my point of view, has started out beautifully! I had a great two-week vacation and feel ready for the best year […]

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  • Rotation Dieting, Pt. 5: Commonly Asked Questions

    Happy Friday! In my blog today, I share: 1. My joy of the weekend 2. The new hand spun, hand knitted sweaters my mother gave Penny and I, and some comments about her sculptures. 3. Rotation Dieting, Pt. 5: Common […]

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  • Do You Trust?

    Happy Thursday to You! I hope you had a lovely day yesterday. My day was very busy, but productive. I got into the gym for a nice heavy lunge workout coupled with some core work. Yesterday, as I was working […]

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  • God Gave Me Quiet & The Fires of Heaven!

    Beautiful Monday to you! There are times we feel we need to be alone to find our happiness. It seems that even the unemployed are “busy” today. It is easy to “externalize yourself” through constant texting, messaging, emails, phone calls, […]

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  • Love Flowers All Around You!

    Love Flowers All Around You!

    Happy Thanks Giving Day to You! I hope you are all enjoying your life and cultivating well-being each day; to me, well-being means seeking to balance your inner world with your outer-world. Since I arrived home last week, I’ve been […]

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