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  • A Deep Interview with Aubrey Marcus from Onnit

    On my recent trip to Austin, I recorded a podcast with Aubrey Marcus, the CEO on Onnit. This was one of the most profound interviews I have ever given, and only possible since Aubrey is one of the deepest, most […]

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  • How To Love Yourself! Happy Thanksgiving!

    Happy Day to All! I was coaching a PPS student today on my regular PPS student coaching call who mentioned that he’d seen a video clip where I described “How To Love Yourself”, which was also his question of the […]

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  • The I-WE-ALL of Love

    Happy Monday to You! Well, I’m getting closer and closer to coming home. Though I do love Australia, there’s no place like home and Penny and I board the plane for the long flight in a few hours. I had […]

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  • Lyme Less Live More!

    Happy Wednesday to You! Its beautiful here in Heaven today and I can feel the shift in the seasons with the cooler mornings but still warm days. The bees are very active now that it isn’t quite as hot as […]

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  • Perfection – As Unconditional Love and Support

    Happy Tuesday to You! I hope your day was Abundant yesterday, and that it is equally Abundant today too! I was very busy working with clients yesterday myself, but it was a great day. I got to spend half a […]

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    Happy Wednesday to You! I hope you are all cultivating and experiencing well-being. I had a busy day coaching a client yesterday, but snuck in a quick pushing session at lunch. I did a short evening sun meditation with my […]

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