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  • The Face Of Beauty

    Happy Wednesday to You! I hope you week has been going well for you. I also hope you enjoyed my vlog series on embracing the change process and that you feel supported. The Face Of Beauty Today, my vlog centers […]

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  • Exploring Tao Te Ching Verse 13 & Paul On Blog Radio

    Happy Wednesday, I hope your week is going well. I have been very busy…as usual, but am enjoying my work each day so it’s all good. Exploring Tao Te Ching Verse 13 Success is as dangerous as Failure. Hope is […]

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  • The Danger Of Talking About Emptiness

    Happy Friday! Today is zen In The Garden day for us here at the Heaven House. Its a glorious morning and the promise of the day is sure to deliver. As you read this, I’m probably outside having a great […]

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  • Perfection – As Unconditional Love and Support

    Happy Tuesday to You! I hope your day was Abundant yesterday, and that it is equally Abundant today too! I was very busy working with clients yesterday myself, but it was a great day. I got to spend half a […]

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  • Be Careful Where White and Red Get Together

    Be Careful Where White and Red Get Together

    Happy Friday! Its been a busy day with morning business meetings and a drive back to my office in Heaven. Once I’m here its hard for me to leave! I thought that you might enjoy my Tao-Te-zen sutra, “Be Careful […]

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  • Cause and Effect

    Cause and Effect

    Happy Thursday to You! I had a productive day yesterday. I created time to get into the gym and do some deadlifting. It was my day to go heavy, but after a weekend of rock lifting, I didn’t have the […]

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