June 11, 2012


Welcome to your new week!

I’ll be in Halmstad, Sweden now getting ready for my next round of workshops and client consultations by the time you read this blog.

Congratulations to Holistic Lifestyle Coaches! We finished HLC 2 with a great sense of completion.

As usual, the students had a look of angst and insecurity on their faces by the end of day 3 and some of them still on day 4. I reassured them that it will all come together as a functional, logical working system on day 5.

I had the joy of seeing their energy fields grow, expanding with lots of lights of blue, orange, green, purple and white as we came to a close on day 5.

I am confident that each one of them will be a shining light of health and well-being for all to see and emulate. By applying what they have learned in the course they will help a lot of people move from suffering to freedom and healthy vitality!

After class was over, I spent some time signing their tai-chi rulers.

I sign the sticks of the HLC 2 students that are willing to enter into a gong agreement with me. A gong is a committed practice that must go for 100 days consecutively. A gong is how long it takes to get any significant gains from a chi cultivation practice.

If you skip days, or don’t do enough practice per day, it’s kind of like going to the gym, walking around, doing a few reps, and then wondering why your body doesn’t change a month later!

As we cultivate chi, we progressively build a chi reserve. Because chi is life-force, the more of it we have, the more life-force we have within ourselves that can be shared with all others as a gift.

Not only do we look, feel, and think better, we facilitate that in all around us in our relationships.

At the end of class I got lots of amazing hugs from my open hearted and soul-full students!

Here you can see me hugging my student Paula. Paula has been with me as a PPS student for many years and I always enjoy seeing her. She’s a lovely woman who’s very committed to her own personal growth. Thanks for sharing your love with me and the world Paula!

Tomi Toles, our New York City based C.H.E.K Faculty Instructor came to visit us a couple times during the HLC 2 training. He brought his son TJ on the last day.

It was great to see TJ again. He’s grown so much since the last time I saw him here in NYC I was shocked. He’s 12 but looks at least 14 to me. He’s a lovely soul and has his dad’s smile and playfulness.

Tomi says TJ’s the youngest C.H.E.K Practitioner there is. That’s great because the kids of the world seriously need good role models today. It was really heart-warming for me to see such father-son harmony.


Saturday night after class, Vidya and I went to celebrate Jo Rushton’s BDay, one of our best friends from Australia and one of our budding HLC presenters there.

Jo is an amazing, beautiful, loving woman and I’m always grateful to spend time with her. We had a lovely dinner with her and a number of her female friends at Buddhakan. I was the only male at this party and believe me, there was plenty of reason for my testosterone levels to rise there. ☺

Another of my special Australian friends from Sydney who was at Jo’s party is Emily. Emily is a long-time close friend of Jo’s and has taken several of my courses over the years. I call Emily “Bam Bam” because she’s got the most amazing physique you can imagine and a beautiful smile with short blond hair.

And, she is a fantastic CHEK practitioner too! The first time I saw her, my immediate thought was, “Holy Shit! This girl is Bam Bam!” and I’ve never thought of her any other way because she really exemplifies power, playfulness and has that childlike beauty. Lovely to see you again Bam Bam.

Vidya and I got to meet several of Jo’s special friends at the party and we had a lovely time. As you can see, Vidya is radiant with a change of pace and chance to relax with all the yin energy!


When we got home after the party, I needed to wind down a little so I scanned the channels to see if there was anything good on TV. I got lucky and found a channel playing Steven Hawkings program about the universe titled: Did God Create the Universe?

I was in a state of joy watching the amazing graphics and seeing him explain many things about the Universe I’ve come to understand through my own studies, meditations, and shamanic journeys.

I had to giggle though when he got to the part where he explained that when you take all the matter in the universe (positive relative polarity) and reconcile it against the emptiness or space (negative polarity or negative energy), you get ZERO. His next comment was the kicker for me. He said because it all equals zero, there is no need for a creator and therefore, there is no basis for “God”.

That’s when I was chuckling. It blew my mind that someone that intelligent could miss something so obvious. GOD IS UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. Any God you could know as this or that would represent a “condition”, and would only result in the next question!what created that God/condition?

The majesty of GOD is that GOD can’t be known as this, or that. The universe and all in it, including us, are here, breathing, moving, living, creating, loving, experiencing.

Clearly there is intelligence in the universe because we are intelligent and we are one with, and within the universe. Yet, as intelligent as we are, we can’t make ourselves, nor can we recreate the Egyptian pyramids, nor planets or stars!etc!

Therefore, we can see that GOD must exist as the grand totality of all intelligences and possibilities. GOD is the ZERO-Point, and “God” is the word that describes the sum totality of all that vibrates, moves, or “is something”.

I think it is time for Steven Hawkings to get out into the jungle with a good shaman and drink some Ayahuasca. The experience will add some spirituality to his mathematics and what he experiences when coming into union with God may be so powerful that he literally jumps right out of his wheelchair!

Imagine the shock he would have with the realization that all these years he was informing people that there was no God, yet he was God all along ☺!

I love seeing this sort of thing because it is only proof that God’s perfection extends to God’s humor as well.

I hope you all have a lovely day, and remember, If God is real, then everything there is, is God, so we should worship it all.

If God isn’t real, then what we have is all we have and we should respect and care for it, for this is all we have. If we ruin the oceans, pollute the planet, destroy the top soils, etc, we will die.

And according to Stephen Hawking, when you die, that’s it! Your done!gone. Screen to black. You’d think with all the people that believe that model of God that more of them would be wise enough to care for the planet!

Just because you are gone doesn’t mean that your friends, family and the rest of the people in the world aren’t gone.

When you meditate on this, you will find that the need for “a God” is insignificant compared for the need for all of us to learn how to love.

If you learn to love in your lifetime, then regardless what death brings, you will have gained the greatest gift in the Universe.

Love and chi,
Paul Chek