August 26, 2011



Well, my day started with a BANG! today.

Though I’ve only been giving myself about half a shot of espresso intermittently throughout the week, this morning I thought I’d enjoy a taste. I loaded my espresso basket, put it on, pulled the handle and BANG, I was covered in coffee grounds, as was my whole room!

Though I found myself irritated at the design flaw in my beautiful, but not so beautifully designed Italian espresso machine, after I settled down I realized that starting your day off with a bang can be exciting. After all, that’s how stars are born.

I can now look at the stains on my white pants and shirt and think of them as the side-effects of birthing a minni star in my office.

My days are quite intensely busy right now with clients, as well as teaching, lecture and conference prep.

These times really give us the opportunity to recognize what rituals help us feel grounded and have a little inner peace for ourselves. I really realize how important it is for me to have time to be alone when there is so much activity around me, but it is up to me to create the space I need to cultivate my inner-relationship with myself.

When I do that, I can be present with the needs of others, but when I don’t, I feel as though I’m being eaten alive. I suspect most of you can completely understand what I mean.

What I’ll do for myself right now, is go outside and meditate with the rising sun. That way, I can ground myself in stillness and the beauty of the light of the sun.

I hope you all have a beautiful day and that you don’t have to experience any explosions that stain your clothes this morning.

If you do have such a bang, I hope you are fortunate to have your own Vidya to help you clean it up too!

Love and chi,
Paul Chek