September 27, 2011


Welcome to another day of Living Fully!

I’ve had plenty of opportunity to practice inner-self management in the past couple days. I was in on Sunday to catch up with my filming projects for Q&A with Paul and my Monthly Messages for (you can subscribe to Q&A with Paul and get my monthly messages for free there!).

I was working away happily and diligently when in the middle of filming, my computer stopped and informed me that my hard drive was “full”!

I had to turn on an old backup drive to move video files off my computer and ran into all sorts of problems with cables that were worn out and kept loosing connection.

Then my computer started acting strangely and I ended up having to restart it several times.

This totally changed my flow plan for the day and instead of getting done with my work by about 3:00 so I could enjoy a little down time at home, I ended up working until after 5:00 to get the filming done.

I thought I’d solved the problems but,!more issues yesterday. I had to recruit my beautiful little computer angel, who just happens to be my wife.

After an hour of her tackling the problem, we seem to have got the show on the road again! She’s got an amazing ability to have patience with computers. I’m still learning that from her ☺.

I could feel my frustration level rising!but reminded myself that no amount of frustration, nor tossing my computer out the window, would ultimately speed the process.

It seems we can practice inner-self management in MANY situations throughout the day if we choose to.

I finally got the films made and transferred to Daryl to do his editing and conversion magic so they will be up on CHEKConnect site soon.

I got a bit behind in my schedule when I returned from Toronto in August with all the CHEK Conference events and it’s been quite a ride catching up with everything, which I’m still working on!


HUMANITARIANS for Justice, Nonviolence and Peace
By Meera Censor



It’s been many years that my mother (Meera Censor) has been studying the lives of the world’s great peacemakers and keepers.

I remember my mother taking sculpting classes at a college when I was a child and I’ve been able to watch over the many years she’s practiced as her sculptures reached stunning levels of self-expression.


Some of you have been in my office and seen the many sculptures I have on my book shelves and walls, all of which were made by my mother.

Many people have commented that “they are so real looking it’s scary!”, and they are! I

have the joy of being surrounded by the seemingly life-like presence of some of the greatest contributors to humanity that have walked the earth and that helps keep me motivated when the chips are down. Each of them worked through many significant challenges in their lives in service to humanity.

My mother’s new book that shares my mother’s story and key information about each of the special people she’s sculpted is now available through

Here you can read the description of her new book and a little about her, the author:

Product Description
These amazing sculptures and the great humanitarians they represent were created to bring awareness to the lives and works of these individuals who have made our world a better one. Included is some of the sculptor’s story—the unexpected journey in creating these works by choosing to follow her heart’s passion. The collection is now on display at Southern Oregon University’s Hannon Library in Ashland Oregon.

About the Author
Meera’s life journey instilled a passion for nonviolence. Inspired by the life of Gandhi, she started sculpting the series of 21 sculptures of humanitarians inspired by or who have served in nonviolent ways to uplift the lives of others. Her seven year journey creating these sculptures, led her to place her work in Idaho, Los Angeles, Sicily, and Ashland Oregon. She speaks to school children about making social change without violence, and was a Certified Trainer for the Center for Nonviolent Communication for many years. Her skills as a sculptor were unexpected, but followed. Her next sculpture will be Father Gregory Boyle of Homeboy Industries in Los Angeles, California.

I’m confident that learning about the lives of the amazing people she’s sculpted and shares with you in her book will be very inspiring.

I have found that studying these people gives me strength when life gets challenging. For example, no matter how challenging my life seems at times, it’s a walk in the park compared to the life of Chief Joseph!

His story along is worth the purchase of the book. If you look at the photo of my mother and I above, Chief Joseph is the Indian man who’s bust is top-left in the photo.


THE LORAX, by Dr. Seuss



This is an AMAZING BOOK! Every man, woman and child should read it RIGHT AWAY!

My student, Daniel Brafman gave me this book as a gift at the CHEK Conference recently. He said, “Paul, you’ll love this book. It gives the same message you share with us.”

I was blown away at how beautiful, and downright truthful this book’s message is.

What I love about it is that it is written for children, yet, creates an undeniable awareness as to what “adults” are doing to the planet. In it’s own special way, it is quite metaphysical in that it highlights the spirits of the trees.

For a man that sees and converses with tree spirits, I can assure you from my own experience that whoever wrote this book is deeply spiritual and very “aware”.

If you’ve got children, or would like a very deep, true spiritual wake-up as to the reality of how we are mismanaging our relationships with nature, this is the book to read. You can read it in about 20-25 minutes and it can be a life changer for anyone!

Thank you Daniel for your gift!



Many of you’ve seen me feature Rory Mullin on my blog in the past. This is a photo of Rory’s amazing parents, Marge and Bob and I, that was taken at the recent Can Fit Pro conference in Toronto last August.

Rory’s parents have always been very supportive of the CHEK approach and have helped us many times over the years to have an easier, more enjoyable stay in Toronto. They epitomize health and vitality because they’ve applied my Eat Move and Be Healthy book as a lifestyle.

Marge is an amazing cook and she often makes great organic food for us. She will make enough food to last a few days so we don’t have to cook so much, which is a real relief to Vidya or Penny when we are on the road.

I’m so proud of Rory’s parents because they do such a great job of eating well and staying active.

Bob still plays competitive hockey. When I hug him, I feel like I’m hugging a young personal training because he’s got such good muscle integrity, which is amazing for a man 76 years old!

Here’s the note Rory sent with the photo:
76 fit and free! Young Bobby scored a goal and 2 assist in his first hockey game of the season…73 and on the move…Mom hits her fitness class and makes much organic food for all! Eating and moving and BEing healthy through the generations!

Thank You to the Mullin Family for all your love and support over the years!

Enjoy your day, your reading and taking great care!

I’ll look forward to sharing more with you tomorrow!

Love and chi,
Paul Chek