July 15, 2011

SOUL UNION ~ THE ULTIMATE SPIRITUAL PRACTICE Part 4: Revealing the soul – Simple tips for achieving soul union – your own spiritual practice!

Happy Friday!

I had a lovely day of coaching and writing yesterday.

I hope you’ve taken some time to digest what we’ve discussed in our soul series so far.

Please remember not to fall into the trap of the “I Know mind!” and avoid the exercises I’ve offered. That is a sure sign of shadow-behavior, which can forever veil you of your own soul-nature.

Today I’m off to see my favorite deep tissue therapist, Wes Boyce at the Encinitas Acupuncture and Massage Center. Then I’ll have a nice cleansing sweat in the steam room.

After that, I’m meeting Jordan Hetrick to be interviewed for the first issue of his new surf magazine called Liquid Edge Magazine. I’ll let you know more about the magazine and where to find it once I have the details.

I plan on enjoying my rock garden and some art this weekend. Saturday evening, Penny and I will go to Jesse Campanaro’s wedding (son of Tom Campanaro, owner of Total Gym).

Jesse has been featured in several of my Swiss ball and medicine ball videos. I trained Jesse when he was a high school and college football player. He’s one of the most incredible athletes I’ve ever trained and I’m excited to have been able to watch him grow up. It will be fun to see him enter into the next phase of his life.

It seems like every time I turn around, one of my friend’s children is popping up as an adult and it’s as though I fell asleep and woke up 20 years later! As you age, time goes by faster and faster. So it is!

Sunday I may come to work while it’s quiet and get more writing done on my book. We’ll see how motivated I feel. Writing isn’t a good thing to do if you are tired or rushed, I can assure you of that one. I’ll trust my soul to guide me there.

That said, how about we finish our discussion of the soul. Today, I’ve got some very cool photos to share with you! So, lets get started.

SOUL UNION ~ THE ULTIMATE SPIRITUAL PRACTICE Part 4: Revealing the soul; Simple tips for achieving soul union – your own spiritual practice!

In my diagram above, you see my depiction of the cycle of birth, death, and return to rebirth. The blue represents yin (in-folding), while the white represents yang (unfolding).

I wish to share this diagram and it’s meaning and implications with you because if you understand it, the essential nature of spiritual practice becomes undeniably important. What I’ll share here may well excite your programming and/or shadow nature. This can occur to the degree that you have fallen into the trap of “believing what you’ve been told” above and beyond what’s obvious to the sages, saints and wise ones that have done the inner-work necessary to grasp reality.

Everything I’m sharing here, and throughout this series on the soul can easily be verified by anyone willing to do spend time in honest meditation on the issues at hand.

Birth to Death

In my diagram, birth is exemplified as the rising of yin; look where the tail of blue begins. There, you see a child. The child grows up to be the man you see next to the tree looking down at the snake; the snake signifies the ego-mind.

Notice the bird (which represents the soul) sitting atop the tree, “witnessing”. The tree signifies the tree of life. The grass, and other animals signify both anthropological (body) and psychogenic (mind) evolution. The next image in yin is of the same man at the end of his physical lifetime. You see the seed of yang with a baby in it. This signifies the man’s unmet desires and judgments, which can only be reconciled through rebirth.

You can see that the old man’s spirit-body is rising out of him, ready to enter his review period, rest, and prepare for rebirth. The moment of death signifies the beginning of yang.  I’ll stop there and explain the crucial benefits of the spiritual practice of gaining soul-union because, as I’ll now show, what you choose to do in life, is the primary determinant of what you will experience at death and in your afterlife!

What Do Disembodied souls Look Like?

In this photo taken by Vidya at Warner Hot Springs Resort, you can see two “orbs” shining in the area of my neck. “Orbs” are disembodied souls but are called “orbs” by people that have achieved enough awareness to sense, or see their presence, but don’t have the training, understanding or awareness to see and feel what is in, and radiating from them.

Those like myself that can see them and do understand them know with definite assurance that indeed, they are disembodied souls. These soul-orbs enter my field while I am working in my garden. There have been times I’ve had so many of them enjoying life with and within me that I couldn’t even count them.

In the image above where I’m standing next to the swimming pool, the little orb with the two light red circles of light emanating from my neck is the soul of a mouse from my garden that befriended me. The larger one is the soul of a humming bird.

I let them share life with me and live in me as long as they don’t start impersonating my own soul. Some of them are quite mischievous and love to play games, which results in me putting them back into the garden.

After much practice as a Shaman, I’ve learned to communicate with the orbs, feel them, see them, and know they are present. They tend to hover near and live within the energetic sphere of the energy fields of people that love life and nature.

If plants and animals respond favorably to your presence, I would see them in and near you at different times; particularly when you are happy, loving and “open”.

We have somewhere in the area of 60 or more humming birds in one of the trees on the edge of my rock garden and I am surrounded by humming birds quite regularly when working in my garden.

The little souls like this that come to visit me love to contribute to my art work, stacking rocks, or anything that equates to creative expression or play. Sometimes I’ve got to be careful because they communicate in the same way my own soul does and they love to “play”.

I may be building something out of stone and know that the next stone will be a large stone, but all the sudden, I’m being led to pick up a pretty little gem stone or some other trinket. That’s when I know it’s probably a bird soul trying to contribute to the project; they absolutely love to “decorate” things.

Each soul type has its unique affinities. Remember though, where there is a soul that can be seen, there is a mind (mental body) and an emotional body- the fully illuminated soul is quite translucent, yet beautiful and radiant like a sun.

Everywhere I go where there is nature, little souls like this come to greet me. They are all capable of seeing your field and can tell your mental-emotional state by the colors and vibration of your energy just as you can tell a lot about someone by their posture and facial expressions.

People who are capable of opening their heart and expressing love, and who are unafraid to see the truth of God, can easily take photos of them. Someone trapped in their shadow, holding the same camera, will only see that which is physical because the camera responds to their consciousness; what you are afraid to see, becomes invisible just as what you are afraid to know about yourself becomes amnesia.

This photo above was taken by Sven Hansen while we were in my garden during one of our Zero Force Coaching sessions where I was teaching him about coaching and relationships by using rock stacking as a physical expression of relationships.

Here, I was meditating and reading the energy of the land to see what the effect of the rock stack we’d just built was having on the yard. Without me even knowing it, Sven took this photo. The bright yellow-red orb you see there is a lizard soul.

The lizards absolutely love it when I’m out stacking rocks because every time I turn a rock over, the bugs are exposed and they often run over and eat them up. Now, after years of being with them in the garden, as soon as I come out, I’ve got a whole tribe of lizards around me that act like pets do when you bring food.

Those that learned to feel safe around me still feel safe, even without their body. This little lizard must have died in the garden and is still enjoying it before moving on.

These photos, also taken by Sven Hansen, show human souls traveling in groups, which is quite common for souls to do in the afterlife; we are social beings in, and after life.

Soul orbs tend to show up wherever people are expressing their heart-felt spirit; where they are loving each other or expressing authentic acts of love or unbound play.

They will also show up to help people that are praying for help when they have an authentic need for help — as opposed to asking God to bring another car, flat screen TV, or help them get over a disease they created out of their own silliness.

Then their soul, and the other souls don’t get involved because that would be ineffective loving; riding your child’s bike for them doesn’t improve their ability to ride the bike themselves!.

NOTE: If you click on any of these images, or any image in my blogs, it will open in it’s own box. Then, click it again and it will enlarge to its full size so you can see more clearly. Then just use your back arrow on your browser to return to the blog where you left off.

Here you can see another photo Sven took. Notice that there are two very luminous soul-orbs in the photo. One just to the left of Tom’s head, and another over in the bottom right just to the right of the little end-table.

In these photos Sven shot, you can see the amazingly intricate energy-field patterns contained within them. This is the mental and emotional field of the individual. When we die, this is what leaves our body, which is actually what dies – we don’t die.

This shows you essentially what I’m reading when I’m doing healing work with people. The difference is that what you see here is radiating out from the core of their physical being like light radiates out of a lantern.

The colors and patterns tell me a lot about the person. When I empty myself and allow the person’s or orb’s light to “shine in me”, it is literally like watching a movie of their life, thoughts, and emotions.

I not only “see” them, I “feel” their thoughts and emotions and know what effect they have on their body (if they are alive in a body) because when I’m empty, my body becomes an instrument of perception. Whatever their judgments are doing to them, happens inside me.

NOTE: Don’t worry. I don’t walk around reading people. I have no interest in people’s dirty laundry. I only look in this way when I’m asked for help.

Sometimes, my soul gives me visions and directs me to talk to and/or help people spontaneously, but I don’t have any desire to look into people’s lives. It’s also spiritually incorrect to do so. It’s no different than peeping through someone’s window hoping to catch them naked and in my opinion, generates negative karma, resulting in a shrouding of your soul-light. 

In the fully enlightened soul, these orbs become much more luminous, and the patterns become much more clear, concise, and the whole orb looks like a Divine work of art!

The more enlightened the being was at death, the more “enlightening” their light and vibration becomes after death. Steiner says we are about 9 times more conscious without our body than we are with our body because the body is very slow and sluggish; it’s physical, while the emotional, mental and causal body are composed largely of energy and information.

Think of how fast light moves and then imagine trapping the light in a cave; it will just bounce around in there. That’s what I mean be being slowed down by the body.

As an example, the soul of someone like Buddha, Christ, or Lao Tzu would be very much like looking directly at the sun on a crystal clear evening sunset.


The energy patterns and colors you see here are composed directly of your ego-mind’s judgments and desires. They constitute “beliefs” and “ideas” held in thought-form. If you remember my diagram of the sign wave that had “is” in the positive cycle (the curve above the zero-ling) and the “isn’t” in the negative curve below the zero-line.

You may remember I attribute all thoughts, including MIND in totality to 2nd Level Creation. I also shared that All second level creation constitutes MAYA – The Grand Illusion.

Because GOD is ZERO, UCL, there’s ABSOLUTELY no resistance there. Just as when an astronaut is in space, if they throw a ball, it will essentially go forever, when we are manifest in mind-body construct, we are like that ball that will go infinity!

The only way we can stop what Buddhists refer to as the wheel of samsara (life and death) is through a legitimate spiritual practice. Legitimate means that the result of the practice is that you truly become more loving; willing to care honesty for yourself, meet your needs, and from that place, share your authentic love with others and the world.

If we go back to our “cycle of life” diagram above, we can now discuss the yang phase or the afterlife. Remember, where yin and matter exemplify each other, so to do yang and light exemplify each other.

The afterlife is much more of a yang phase relative to the physical life phase where we are heavily embodied in matter. Remember, photons are inherently “empty”. Therefore, what’s “in them” (information) may be seen as relatively yin.

Think of a stained glass window; before staining, the glass was clear and didn’t radiate color. Our ego-mind shrouds the soul with colors, shapes and energy-information forms much like you can stain clear glass with colors and create art on it.

Thus, the entanglement of the ego-mind lives on in the realms commiserate with their nature; emotional charges are referred to as commiserate with the astral realm, and the mental charges with the mental realm.

Each higher vibrational state (such as mind) can easily penetrate a lower vibrational state (such as emotional body or physical body) just the way a flashlight easily passes through glass or water.

When we die physically, our emotional, mental and causal body lives on. You may think of it as a charged entanglement or charge package.

Our energy fields are very much like a composition of radio or TV waves; when you watch TV or listen to the radio, you are receiving a signal wave that carries the specifically “entangled charge package” that makes your speakers vibrate, producing sound waves from radio waves.

Your TV picks up a more complex charge package in the form of TV waves that produces both sound and video images when decoded by the TV receiver. Without a radio or TV on, you have no idea what-so-ever what’s there, just as most people have no idea what-so-ever what someone else’s energy field looks like, or if there are orbs, angles or otherwise sitting right on their shoulder!

When we leave the earth plane and lose our physical form, we are no longer bound by the same laws of space-time we were here. Our energy bodies do go through transformative stages, and we do go through something akin to death at different levels of experience in the afterlife, but the time period of the “life” we live in each relevant vibrational plane in generally many times longer than a physical lifetime here.

There are a number of factors that can change such circumstances, but there are too much to share here.


Just as the north pole of a magnet is attracted to the south pole, and repels the like or north pole, our ego-mind’s charge package or “idea-set” creates an attraction-repulsion force that largely determines our afterlife options and experiences and which souls we will interact with.

Interestingly, I pull cards from my Tao Te Ching card set and one from my Don Miguel Ruize (The 4 Agreements) card set each morning.

At the beginning of this series, I pulled the Tao Te Ching card with verse 77, which I shared with you yesterday, and I pulled the following Don Miguel Ruize 4 Agreements card:

Don’t Take Anything Personally






Steiner, explains the afterlife in great detail in his book, “At Home In The Universe”. One thing he makes clear is that when we die, we will be surrounded by people exactly like us and we will stay in that place until we are absolutely sick of ourselves!

What does this really mean?

1. If you don’t like being alone now, chances are very good you are avoiding getting to know who and what you really are.

Chances are very good that your programming has made a sinner of you, filled you with guilt and shame, and that you are afraid to “look in” because you may not like what you find there.

People who don’t have good spiritual guides in their life can easily “deify their ego-shadow” and never come to realize that the truth of the ego is “God-Consciousness” (Soul). God created egos with the same intelligence that created the universe so it’s quite a misunderstanding to think an ego or bad, or something to get rid of.

2. Just as those with adequate spiritual development can see, feel and perceive higher realities, and those without it are blind to what’s all around them, when you leave your body, that reality doesn’t change!

What Steiner is informing people of is that when you leave your body, there is a period in which you become VERY CLEAR as to what games you’ve chosen to play and what impact your choices had on the lives of those around you – in your life.

This essential process is the Divine Gift of Awareness. This is given to us so we can make the soul-contracts needed with the beings at similar levels of development to learn to love and heal in our next lifetime.

The truth is that you chose your life and circumstances specifically to give you the resistance you needed for authentic growth and Self-Realization in this lifetime, and every other lifetime.

What you do with those opportunities in each lifetime is your “free will”.

Practical Exercise

1. Sit down with a piece of paper and a pen. Write as many situations in your own life where you can honestly look back and see that you reacted to people and made choices out of your shadow or programmed nature, even though you consciously knew you could have chosen to love more fully. When did you bite back out of impatience, jealously, vengeance, or let fear (not love) make decisions for you? In golf-speak, how many times did you “know you were swinging the club wrong” but chose to “swing it anyway!”

After you do this exercise, you may “choose to become aware that the people that often irritate you the most have soul contracts with you”.

You may be avoiding the very gift they bring you – the chance to become aware and look for their unmet need(s) instead of identifying with their pain or fears.

Note: MMA and cage fighting is a joke compared to the tangle we all go through with our ego-shadow! How many of these so-called “bad asses can’t get along with the people they love and resort to force and control dramas instead of doing the real work?

Next, choose one quality you would be willing to work on developing in yourself and in your relationships. It may be being more patient. It may be listening. It may be being more objective. It may be not gossiping so much. It may be being more honest with yourself and others, etc.

The sooner your start, the sooner you heal.

The more you heal, the more you love.

The more you love, the more of God (what you truly are) manifests all around you. Soon, you are not afraid to live, and!you are not afraid to die either!

Though I thought I could share what was inside me to share with you in four posts, I underestimated my gift for you. It’s bigger than I thought!

In my next post, Monday I suspect, I’d like to share a model of how we progress in life and how that relates to our afterlife that will expand on what we’ve covered so far and give you more tools to cultivate living awareness.

I hope you are enjoying the series so far.

Enjoy your weekend!

Love and chi,

Paul Chek.