February 23, 2011


Good Day!

Today, I’d like to share a little of my knowledge and experience of how your soul can offer a great sense of inner-peace and safety and security on your life journey.

If you’ve been following my recent series on Brain~Mind balance, you’ve certainly had a more comprehensive explanation of the mind and soul than most ever get. Now I’d like to share some tips for cultivating your relationship with your own soul.

To begin, we must remind ourselves that the word “soul” and the word “consciousness” are essentially interchangeable.

Your mind gives something unique to you for your soul to be “conscious of.” Without thoughts, your consciousness is akin to the sky – no beginning and no end; the sky or atmosphere has a rainbow like relationship with water, which covers and penetrates all natural things to varying degrees, including the entire planet. At the other end of the spectrum, the sky is continuous with space itself, which has no measurable end. The mind generates thoughts that appear like clouds, birds or airplanes flying across the sky of your consciousness. Without clouds, birds or planes (thoughts), your consciousness can expand indefinitely to the degree that you learn to manage the habit of creating “things” to cling to for your own sense of being alive or safe.

Because the soul and consciousness are one, we may say that the soul is an expression of the Zero-potential of Unconditional Love and is therefore capable of accessing vibration at any frequency ranging from Zero-empty (complete stillness) to Zero-full (vibrations that reach infinity).

All things created, be they thoughts, rocks, plants, animals, man or dreams are composed of vibration and each created thing has a vibrational frequency range. For example, a stone has a fairly narrow vibrational range of complexity, yet, the human body has a massive range of vibrational complexity.

If you couple what I’m sharing here with what has been discovered about human genes, you will find that your genes have the genes of pretty much every creature before you in the evolutionary unfolding of life on earth. The genes then, broadcast and receive information on any channel or frequency band necessary to in-form your biology and mind.

By taking time to be in nature or work with stones and plants, which have a very simple language, you can practice relaxing yourself and infusing a stone or plant (or tree) with your consciousness. When you hug someone you truly love and feel safe with, you infuse them with your consciousness (presence) so you already know how to do this. If you shut your questioning mind off and become fully present with such things and beings, you can ask a question and out of your inner quietude, feel the answer or communication. When your head is empty and you know for sure you “are not thinking”, then what rises in you is communication from that which you are now in relationship with. This will typically emerge as an intuitive knowing. Often, you will feel the energy of the message in a given part of your body. For example, you may feel the messages from stones most strongly in your bones, since they are the most stone-like with their high mineral density. Because bones have a high mineral density, they are likely to be the most resonant with the vibrations of stones.

When you speak to trees, you may feel their communication in your liver and kidneys, which are more wood-like. When you speak to different plants, you may feel the communication or vibration (energy) in various organs, depending on the type of plant you are communicating with.

Most people have a hard time with these kind of exercises because they can’t shut off their doubting mind, and/or their organs and glands are too unhealthy to sense and transmit the corresponding vibrational messages. This is one of the key reasons I put so much emphasis on healing yourself as a necessary step to becoming authentic as a healing-guide for others. Otherwise, you can’t differentiate the messages from their being with the messages (asking for help!) emanating from your own being. The result is that healthcare professionals, healers and psychics are often “giving you advice intended for their own healing!

The image I share today is my drawing of my Awareness-soul connecting to a beautiful stone I purchased from a Japanese gardener. The radiating lines represent communication taking place between the stone and I. The fire in my head region represents warmth, without which, the body can’t be conscious. The other colors in my face represent the elemental nature of my body-construct and how all in nature is built on a similar base model.

I have been deeply rewarded in my years of practicing soul-communication. The greatest reward I’ve received is the ability to know and feel that I am never alone! If you locked me in solitary confinement, I could make friends with the stone and steel and could easily travel out of the cell in my astral and mental bodies to visit any other being that is conscious at that level. With soul-communication, the whole universe becomes your home and you come to realize that it is densely populated with souls of a vast variety of development.

I hope that you are willing to create safety and security for yourself with these basic teachings.

The alternative is that you will always have to trust the opinions of others and to the degree that you must do that, when any such “other” is gone, you are right back to feeling alone and unsupported again!

If people knew that they can access Christ, Buddha, Lao Tzu, OSHO, Krishna, Mohamed, or any soul that’s been on the planet, it is highly doubtful that they would spend so much time reading and believing in books, which have typically been through many translations and revisions, losing much of the original message. Remember, if God is not Consciousness, then there can be no consciousness of God. If God is Consciousness, then God is Conscious of, in and as ALL.

Because you have a soul, you have your own “personal God”, which is in Absolute Union with all other such aspects or expressions of God.

Enjoy practicing!

Love and chi,
Paul Chek